Door to Door Organics – CONVENIENCE

Probably the most convenient thing I’ve come across lately is Door to Door Organics. It’s a nationwide organic grocery “shop” that delivers fresh, local, seasonal healthy foods right to your door, how great is that!?! They partner with local farmers to ensure they deliver the freshest produce possible to satisfy all their customers.

After seeing if Door to Door Organics delivers to your area, you can sign up and choose to have a delivery weekly or bi-weekly. You can choose from a few different size boxes of fruits/vegetables and make various substitutions. It’s genius! I ordered a medium sized box and other random organic products including, iced tea, tea bags, coconut oil, cookies, coffee syrup, bagels & a few extra vegetables besides what was included in my “box”. Every single product I received was fresh and delicious. The bagels, cookies and tea were labeled from local small companies which is good to see (who doesn’t love to support a small local company over the big brand names).

There prices are competitive and their convenience is the best. I loooove to eat & cook but really dislike having to do the grocery shopping, finding the time, dealing with the crowds… not for me. Also having fresh produce delivered directly to your door gives you the motivation to eat cleaner & cook healthier. Who would want to waste perfectly fresh fruits/vegetables anyway!? I hope you guys look into Door to Door Organics and love it as much as I do!



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