Lucero Olive Oil



A third generation olive grower, Dewey Lucero created Lucero Olive Oil in 2005. Coming from a family who was deeply rooted in olive growing and growing up in Corning, California (the olive oil capital of the world and home to some of the oldest olive trees in California) Dewey knew a thing or two about the trade. After being down on hard times, Dewey turned a family passion into a business. After making his first batch in his parents garage 9 years ago, his company is now one of the leading producers in California. If that doesn’t make you want to purse your passion, I don’t know what will! INSPIRING 🙂

Not only does olive oil have many uses but it has many health benefits as well. It is rich in monounsaturated fats and a good source of antioxidants. The FDA states that consuming 2 tablespoons of olive oil a day may reduce the risk of heart disease. What many people don’t know is that much of the “extra virgin” olive oil sold in the U.S. is mislabeled and isn’t up to the quality standards “extra virgin” should be. Lucero Olive Oil’s are premium “extra virgin” certified by the California Olive Oil Council. They are SO fresh & the quality is out of this world. I have not stopped using them lately, I’m obsessed!

The Ascolano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most awarded olive oil in North America. It is a medium-intensity oil, with hints of fruity, tropical notes. I’ve sauteed with it, baked with it and have come to the conclusion that this is THE BEST extra virgin olive oil ever, try it for yourself, you won’t disagree! The Crushed Meyer Lemon has also won many awards, it’s all natural, unique, flavorful and downright delicious. Not only have I used this to cook with but in a body scrub as well, it leaves your skin feeling super soft and the smell is amazing! The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is also all natural, rich and has a syrupy consistency perfect on salads, breads and vegetables (and french fries but shhh!) 😉

My personal favorite product offered by Lucero is the White Balsamic Sampler. Three flavored white balsamic vinegars, lemon, pineapple & strawberry that can be used in sweet or savory dishes. It can be used in salad dressings, drinks, desserts or ice cream. They are so versatile and the flavors are to die for. When I say that these will be gone soon, I’m being serious, we’ve been using them on everything, in lemonade, on vanilla ice cream, over fresh fruit, it’s a must have!! 🙂

For more detailed information on Lucero Olive Oil, or a full list of all of their award winning products head over to their website http://www.lucerooliveoil.com. I’m positive you will find something that strikes your fancy and will soon be as obsessed as I am!

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