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Shotwell Candy Co. Caramels

Image   Sometimes you just have to let go, relax & indulge a little.. or maybe a lot in this case! I recently found Shotwell Candy Co. online. It is a Memphis based company and I’m slightly Elvis obsessed (k maybe a little more than slightly) so anything Memphis is good to me! That’s another story though, back to the subject… 🙂 These are some of the best artisan caramels you will ever have. Everything in moderation, right? Easier said than done. 😉

Shotwell Candy Co. owners Jerrod & Lisa Smith created their company in memory of Jerrod’s grandfather “Grandpa Shot” who once owned and operated a general store for many years. They started their business right out of their own kitchen and are now selling their products all over the country. Jerrod is a lawyer, a father and somehow still manages to find the time to own and operate Shotwell Candy Co. Jerrod & Lisa are so generous that they are always looking for ways to give back to the community. They find specific causes and donate 10% of their net sales to those in need.

They offer several different varieties of caramels, all which sound delicious.  I had the opportunity to try the Craft Beer & Pretzel, Original, Five-Spice Dark Chocolate & Hand Crushed Espresso Caramels, and I was not let down. No matter which one you chose you won’t be disappointed. Each caramel was soft, smooth and buttery. My favorite is the Craft Beer & Pretzel, which is made with Memphis’s own local brewing company’s Ghost River Beer & salty pretzels. It is THE PERFECT combination of sweet & salty. The Hand-Crushed Espresso Caramels were a close second, they’re made with Tennessee whiskey vanilla extract, almond extract and are sprinkled with crushed espresso beans. Sweet caramel packed with a little caffeine, whats not to love!? The Five-Spice Dark Chocolate were sweet and just gave me that “warm” feeling from all the spices. And the Original Salted Caramels, well that just speaks for itself because that is the what made Shotwell Candy Co. famous!  These lasted all of 2 days in my house before they were devoured, yes they’re THAT good!

http://www.shotwellcandy.com show them some love!

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