Zipz Wine


Zipz Wine partnered with California’s Fetzer’s winery to create a fresh, single serve quality wine. The stemware is made of BPA-free, recyclable plastic. They offer Chardonnay(2012), Pinot Grigio(2012), Merlot(2011) & Cabernet Sauvignon(2010).  The unique packaging makes it possible to drink wine outside, on the go or in places where glass isn’t permitted.  Such a cool, interesting concept!

I’m not a wine expert but I can tell you that this is some strong wine! My favorites are Pinot Grigio, it’s fruity, with hints of citrus.  And cabernet sauvignon “the king” of the world’s red grapes it’s intensely flavored and definitely packs a punch. I added some ice, sat outside and enjoyed every single sip. Everything is better with wine. 🙂 Of course, always drink responsibly!

website: http://www.zipzwine.com

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