Core Bamboo – Color Boards


I love to cook but what I really love is interior design/decorating. I’m always searching for the best quality products that also look good in my kitchen. I love the look of bamboo, it’s so chic and modern and looks beautiful on my countertop. I searched and searched and finally came across a company that offers organically grown bamboo products, with fun colors that look good!

Not only do bamboo products look beautiful but they have many benefits too, they’re low maintenance, dense “wood” (technically grass) good for keeping out bacteria and water. The bamboo is soft enough it won’t dull your knives as fast as traditional hard wood. Core bamboo’s cutting boards are high quality and don’t easily scratch or crack like other wood cutting boards I’ve had. They use 100% organically grown bamboo and food safe water based adhesives and finish their products with top quality natural oils. And in many cases they use recycled and eco-friendly packaging, which is always a good thing. 🙂

The Color Boards come in three different sizes. Small (8″x10″), Medium (10″x14″), and Large (12″x18″). They come in an assortment of bright colors, I have magenta (large), lime (medium), and strawberry (small).

website: http://www.corebamboo.com

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