The Tea Spot



When I’m not drinking water, I’m usually drinking tea/iced tea. The Tea Spot offers a big variety of luxury loose leaf tea perfect for any mood you’re in. Maria Uspenski created The Tea Spot after surviving cancer and drinking tea to aide in her recovery. She set forth to promote wellness and her message is simple, “tea in its freshest form renders incredible flavor, unmatched health benefits, and is eco-friendly.” They donate 10% of all profits to cancer wellness and community programs. 🙂 Their teas are organic, fair trade and are sold in reusable tins to reduce waste.

Tea offers the bold flavors that many other sugary drinks do but without all the preservatives and other added other junk. By using loose leaf tea you have the ability to control what you choose to add, or not if you like to keep it simple. My favorite teas I’ve tried from The Tea Spot are, Pink Rose Lemonade, Meditative Mind, Strawberry Fields & Blood Orange Smoothie (my absolute favorite, it’s pictured above). It’s a combination of red rooibos, orange and vanilla. I steeped it for about 10 minutes and added a little orange blossom honey and truvia and it was perfect! I’ve used each tea blend to make iced tea except for Meditative Mind, which I like to drink hot.

I like to use their Tuffy Tea Steeper, it’s compact, simple and convenient to take along with you anywhere you go. It’s a food grade silicone tea infuser that is BPA-free, heat and stain resistant and suuuuper easy to clean. Check out their complete list of loose leaf teas and steepware at http://www.theteaspot.com

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