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Cacaocuvée – Dark Secret Chocolate


Probably my favorite new (to me) discovery is the Cacaocuvée Dark Secret Chocolate. My biggest problem isn’t always choosing the right things to eat but watching my portion sizes. These chocolates make it SO EASY for anyone watching their calorie intake, or anyone who loves to eat dark chocolate while still being health conscious. Cacaocuvée created 7 & 30 day boxes of dark chocolate containing espresso beans, 67% cacao, almonds, tart cherries or cocao nibs in perfect bite size daily portions. Each labeled day has two bite size pieces and has cute quotes on the wrapper. 🙂 Best. Idea. Ever.

My favorite box is the dark chocolate with espresso beans, it’s only 74 calories a day – for two pieces!!! YES, you read that right, portion control! I also LOVED the dark chocolate with tart cherries, which is only 83 calories/daily. These artisan chocolates are made in small batches and are all natural and gluten free. These have made me not only love dark chocolate, but CRAVE it. Which isn’t such a bad thing, cacao contains more antioxidants than many other foods, and has so many different health benefits. It also contains tryptophan, which is a chemical the brain uses to produce serotonin which regulates our moods, sleep, memory & appetite. Cacao is a natural antidepressant!

Cocaocuvée’s Dark Secret Chocolate was featured on Oprah’s list of “favorite things” with good reason. Her team searched high and low for the best products they could find and found Cacaocuvee and recognized their uniqueness and quilty. Anything Oprah approved is definitely a good GREAT thing. 🙂

website: http://www.darksecretchocolate.com – Cacaocuvée & Dark Secret Chocolate are owned by The Chocolatorium Inc.



Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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