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KTO Lip Glosses & Inspiring Story <3


After hours of searching for an natural lip gloss, I came across a company that not only offers chemical free products but a really inspiring story. Kelly Teegarden started her company after being diagnosed with cancer, only given a 50% survival chance, SURVIVING and using her unfortunate (terrifying) circumstance to make a very positive change in the skincare/cosmetic industry.  Kelly Teegarden Organics offer everything from anti aging creams, facial products, body lotion to lipglosses (even for kids!)

All of KTO’s products are made of only all natural, certified organic, ingredients.  They are scientifically proven to have no cancer causing, hormone disrupting chemicals.  It’s scary reading some of the ingredients you see listed on some of our favorite makeup products that we use on a regular basis. Definitely an eye opener. Over 60% of anything we put on our skin enters our blood stream.. it’s really important that we’re only putting natural, harmless products on (and in) our bodies, our health depends on it! The more research I do on all of the benefits of natural products (and food) the more it concerns me about everything else I’ve used over the past few years. *SIGH*  Sorry to get a little deep but after hearing Kelly’s story and trying some of her products I know she will make a huge impact on the cosmetic industry, now and in the future.

I’ve been using the lip glosses and loving them! There are over 10 different shades to match any mood your in. I have Erin, Cack & Sophia. Cack is definitely my favorite, its bright, fun, creamy and gives just the right amount of color.  They are all beautiful and give a great color payoff. Each lip gloss has a mirror on the side and even an LED light on the cap. Definitely a huge plus, and makes it very convenient  to use these morning, noon or night no matter where you are! 😉 Again, they’re all natural, non toxic, no carcinogens & not tested on animals!!!

For more information on Kelly’s heartfelt story or a list of her full skincare line check out:

PHOTO – colors from top to bottom,

Top: Erin

Middle: Cack

Bottom: Sophia


Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results. Some products are purchased by me, while others are sent to me in exchange for my honest review.


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