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The Everything Balm!

A balm for your lips, skin AND hair!? Here it is, Olio E Sasso. It is nourishing, hydrating, moisturizing & AMAZING! It contains natural beeswax, olive & shea oils & grapefruit essential oils.  Everything is sourced and produced with minimally processed ingredients locally in Portland, Oregon.  Their balms come in four different colors, #1 - Clear,… Continue reading The Everything Balm!

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KTO Lip Glosses & Inspiring Story <3

After hours of searching for an natural lip gloss, I came across a company that not only offers chemical free products but a really inspiring story. Kelly Teegarden started her company after being diagnosed with cancer, only given a 50% survival chance, SURVIVING and using her unfortunate (terrifying) circumstance to make a very positive change in the skincare/cosmetic industry.… Continue reading KTO Lip Glosses & Inspiring Story ❤

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High Performance Yoga Wear

My absolute faaaaavorite way to exercise is YOGA! You can ask 100 different people their opinion on yoga and get 100 different responses.  Every yoga class is different and you will gain unique experiences in each. Anyone who practices yoga on a regular basis knows that it isn't just something you do, it's a way of life.… Continue reading High Performance Yoga Wear