Flawless Face with Modern Minerals


If there is one thing a girl can’t have enough of, it’s makeup.  I am a makeup addict, I’ve tried everything from high end to drugstore products and everything in between, and I’ve finally found my match!  Modern Minerals, they’re an all natural, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free makeup line made of high quality minerals with no added unnecessary extras.  Their colors, quality and packaging are all SO gorgeous.  Yes, I am a sucker for cute packaging, there is something about black, white and metallic that’s just so chic. Eco Chic! 🙂

I use their Medium Almond Foundation and am in LOVE! It matches not only my face perfectly, but my neck too!  I don’t have to use a ton of product to achieve a flawless face.  It doesn’t look “cakey” and really lasts ALL day. I wear my makeup for 12+ hours most days, and this foundation looks the same at the end of the day as it did when I applied it in the morning.  I also love their Shangri-La blush, it’s a warm, rosy pink with very subtle brown undertones. It gives my cheeks just the right amount of color.  I always finish with the Sunrise finishing glow powder.  The name speaks for itself. 😉

Their eyeshadows are totally worth obsessing over also! I always tend to go for earthy colors, they just seem more versatile for day or night.  I can’t even pick a favorite color because I love them all! I always seem to use the color Cherish, it’s a shimmery neutral that is a combination of mauve, pink, peach + silver highlights.  The color really compliments my eyes, it’s really soft and beautiful.  I love using Creme Fraiche as a base, Tiramisu as a crease color, and Godiva to create a really sultry, smokey eye.


I’ve replaced all of my foundation brushes and beauty blender with their brushes and it has made such a difference.  You can’t have all this high quality makeup and have poor quality brushes, they’re just as important! Their brushes are created with two layers of lightweight, soft fibers allowing you to build up “soft focus” full coverage.  They’re synthetic, hand-made, hypoallergenic and very luxurious.


How the foundation looked after 11 hours. I look mad, I wasn’t, just tired. 🙂


website: http://www.modernmineralsmakeup.com

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