The Spice Lab Gourmet Salts


The Spice Lab offers a HUGE variety of spices, salts, seasonings, sugars and rubs. They have the largest selection of gourmet sea salts from a single source offering a continuously growing line of over 240 different sea salts from 30 countries around the world! Who doesn’t love variety?! For the past month I have been using the Gourmet Collection No. 1 on a daily basis to add unique flavors and excitement to all of my home cooked meals. I am far from a professional or experienced cook, but using these salts sure make me feel like one! They make it very easy to add flavor without having to add a ton of different spices.  I love that they’re displayed in Pyrex test tubes in a reclaimed wooden base.  It looks awesome on my counter! My husband and I have been on a grilling kick all summer and these salts have made a huge impact.

Gourmet Collection No. 1 

•French Fleur De Sel – No. II / Finishing & Table

•Himalayan Crystal – No. 40 / Finishing & Cooking

•Applewood Smoked – No. 7 / Finishing & Cooking

•Cyprus White Flake – No. 3 / Finishing, Table & Cooking

•Australia Murray River Pink – No. 1 / Finishing, Table & Cooking

•Hawaiian Red Alaea – No. 12 / Finishing, Table & Cooking

These salts are great perfect for vegetables, red meat, chicken, fish, sauces & soups. I’ve used the Applewood Smoked salt on steak, it gives it a really rich, flavorful taste.  I like using the Himalayan Crystal salt on tilapia, it’s such a pure, clean salt it adds a lot of depth and flavor to such a bland tasting fish. Himalayan Pink salt offers a lot of health benefits so I’ve probably used this the most. Fleur De Sel is really high-quality, I love using it as a finishing salt on vegetables. It makes me feel fancy! 😉 The Australian Murray River Pink is packed  with natural minerals, magnesium and calcium, it’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted. I’ve used this as a finishing salt on scallops, the flavor instantly melted in and tasted amazing! I’m trying to be more creative with the Hawaiian Red Alaea, so far I’ve just used it on chicken, it didn’t disappoint. Lastly, the Cyprus White Flake, I’ve been using this on everything, vegetables, seafood, chicken, steak & burgers. I use it a lot on burgers, it’s the ONLY thing I season the meat with, it adds enough flavor that nothing else is needed.

website: http://www.thespicelab.com – you can thank me later! 🙂


Only a pinch of Cyprus White Flake salt needed for burgers, it’s bold & delicious. Even though you can’t see it, I figured I’d still add a food pic! ^


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