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Pregnancy skincare MUST haves!

I’ve kind of been M.I.A. the past few weeks and I think I actually have a decent excuse. I’m excited to officially announce that I’m expecting baby number 2! I’ve known since the fourth of July and found out reeeeally early so it’s been a hard “secret” to keep! So far it has been completely different than my first pregnancy (I’ve heard each pregnancy is different, here’s my proof). Fortunately I have had NO morning sickness AT ALL. I’ve just been really tired and could basically sleep alllll day if I had no other responsibilities, which I do so some days I can barely function and others I’m just kind of spacey and out there. Yikes! 😦

My only “complaint” other than being exhausted 24/7 would be the changes in my skin.. and not for the better! I’ve written a ton of reviews on skincare products I’ve used and liked, but nothing seemed to be working as good as it did before. I searched for some of the best products that are perfect for expecting moms and can help even the most problematic skin!


1. Bella B – Tummy Honey Butter, I use this every day now. I already unfortunately have stretch marks from my first pregnancy but hopefully this will help prevent any future ones. I’ll take any help I can get! 😉 Hypo-allergenic, paraben free. Mama Soak – I am a bath junkie, but after finding out I was pregnant I was a little nervous to take a bath, some things I’ve read say it’s bad, others say it’s okay. I decided that I wasn’t going to deprive myself of my #1 way to relax. I made sure the water wasn’t too warm, poured a little of this bath powder in and was super relaxed and just felt better overall. Moisturizing Body Cream – a combination of shea, mango, silk and honey, keeps my skin soft and moisturized. I love Bella B because their products are all natural, made of only organic ingredients just for moms and moms to be! & can also be purchased through


2. Mama Mio – Gorgeous Glow balancing facial wipes. I use these to take off my makeup every single night. They smell great and don’t irritate my eyes. After using the wipes I still wash my face with the Gorgeous Glow balancing facial wash. I can’t say enough good things about this product! It has made the BIGGEST difference for my skin. My face was really dry, flakey and blemished and oily in my T zone of course (as always), after about a full week of using this morning and night my skin cleared right up. My problematic skin was really noticeable and even had people confront me and ask why I was breaking out so bad… rudest thing ever! It is now super clear, probably better than before! Probiotics, natural exfoliants, mild astringents, tea tree extract and green tea make this perfect for crazy, hormonal skin. I’m saving the Pregnancy Boob Tube & Lucky Legs for later on, these will definitely be helpful!


3. Acure Organics – this company isn’t specifically for pregnant women but their products are high quality, fair trade, natural and organic. There is no added junk so you can rest assured that it is safe for both you and your baby. 🙂 Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion, cocoa butter + CoQ10. A little goes a long way with this, and it lasts all day. Sensitive Facial Cleanser and Facial Toner, I usually use the Mama Mio facial wash, just because it works so great, I don’t want to mess up a good thing! But I ALWAYS use this facial toner, I use it after I’ve washed my face and to set my makeup. Day Cream, my go-to facial moisturizer, keeps my skin smooth and helps balance my oily T zone. Lastly, my favorite, Argan Oil! A healthy combination of vitamin E, proteins, essential fatty acids and argan oil. Referred to as “Liquid Gold” perfect for repairing imperfections, restoring texture, elasticity and minimizing stretch marks. In Love!

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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