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Bite Beauty Natural Lip Products

I am a makeup junkie and am always searching for natural alternatives that offer great results!  I came across Bite Beauty on and fell in love with their line of lip products, the variety, the colors, the quality.. I am obsessed! Bite Beauty's products are free of sulfates, petroleum byproducts and and synthetics and contain… Continue reading Bite Beauty Natural Lip Products

makeup · natural skincare

5 Tips For Flawless Makeup!

My skin has been less than perfect lately & I'm always searching for new products and ways to make my skin look flawless!  Here's a few tips for what works best for me, and hopefully will work well for you too! 🙂 1. PRIMER - Never underestimate the power of a good primer. I didn't start wearing… Continue reading 5 Tips For Flawless Makeup!