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Christmas 2014 Gift Guide!

FINALLY! My Christmas/holiday gift guide for 2014! These gifts (and stocking stuffers) are great for anyone, even if you’re on a budget. They’re great all year around, not just for Christmas. Birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day.. I got you covered! I couldn’t narrow it down to just a few things, so this is going to be a long post, so go ahead and get comfortable! 🙂


Farm House Fresh Triple Shot Caramel Coffee Scrub
– The texture, the scent, the ingredients, I am obsessed. This is the best treat each morning to wake up & start the day with. Infused with caffeine and Arabica bean extract, 97% natural, paraben & sulfate free, does it get any better than that?! This really is my go-to bath product that turns any shower/bath into a spa experience and gives me something to look forward to. 🙂


Lather Holiday Candle Sampler
– One of the BEST ways to relax & unwind is to light a candle, take a nice warm bath & listen to some music (or enjoy the silence if you’re like me). This set includes 6 mini aromatherapy candles. The scents are warm, soothing and perfect for the cold weather. My favorites: Cinnamon, Orange & Clove, Cranberry Orange, and Peppermint depending on my mood. 100% soy wax, toxin-free, pure essential oil blends.


V Chocolates Peppermint Bark, Toffee & Chocolate Truffles
– Let me just start off by saying, who doesn’t love chocolate? This is my go-to gift if I don’t know what to get someone. A boss, a friend, family member – WHOEVER.. chocolate is the way to go! I love the selection from V Chocolates, peppermint bark is festive this time of year, toffee is fun because it’s not usually something you have on a regular basis. Again, milk & dark chocolate, how can you go wrong?! Artisan chocolates that will fit in any budget, worth all the rage!


Sweet Revolution Caramels
– I have THE biggest sweet tooth. Besides my addiction for chocolate, I LOVE caramels. Organic, made of only maple syrup, honey, butter, cream, vanilla and sea salt (no sugar!!) you can enjoy these and not feel guilty at all. I may or may not have eaten the entire box in 2 days, they’re delicious and VERY addicting. I also love their caramel sauce, they have a few recipes on their site which make it very convenient if your indecisive like me. And pure maple syrup from Brookfield Maple Products, this completes the perfect french toast/waffle/pancake breakfast, and is hands down the best maple syrup I’ve ever had!


The Republic of Tea HiCAF Toasted Coconut Black Tea
– Winter, snow & freezing temperatures, all things we get to look forward to in the upcoming winter months. What better way to fight the cold and stay warm than with a hot cup of tea? I really love the HiCAF teas because the combination of green tea extract and pure caffeine give you tons of sustainable energy with no afternoon crash. Being 7 months pregnant, working & trying my hardest to maintain my sanity while raising a 3 year old, I certainly need any energy I can get! They have a few different flavors, coconut is my favorite. Such a great alternative for those who aren’t coffee drinkers.


Squish Marshmallows
– I know that I’ve mentioned before that I live with the biggest marshmallow junkie, so marshmallows are something we buy often and always have. My newest find is Squish Marshmallows. Small batch, unique flavors made from natural ingredients. Our favorites: mangcoco ice cream, pb&j and rocky road. I like to add rocky road into a cup of hot chocolate.. it gives it extra flavor and makes it so much more fun! 🙂


Rich Haircare Rich Sleek & Radiant Kit
– Some of the women closest to me are addicted to getting their hair done. Highlights, cut, color, styled, you name it. It’s really nice to give them good quality hair care products to take care of their hair in-between salon visits. This kit comes with luxury argan color protect shampoo & conditioner, rejuvenating argan oil elixir and argan color protect mask. All of which create soft, smooth, shiny, beautiful hair! I also love the rich sophisticated curls kit. Included is a de-frizz and shine mist (who couldn’t use this?!) and curl enhancing cream.


Veruca Chocolates Bag of Coal Truffles
– My first impression of this is that it’s actually pretty funny. It’s a great idea to give someone who has a sense of humor, it’s fun and delicious of course. Intense dark chocolate coated in cocoa powder, this is a dark chocolate lovers dream. Feeling guilty about overdoing it with all these sweets during the holiday season? Dark chocolate contains antioxidants which are good for you so it’s a win-win situation!


Dr. Dewy Lip Cure
– This is the PERFECT stocking stuffer! The cold weather effects not only our hair and skin but our lips too. I don’t know how many different chap sticks/lip products I go through to hydrate and keep my lips soft and smooth. This is by far my favorite I’ve ever used. It is a rich, concentrated formula consisting of plant oils & extracts, natural waxes and antioxidants. Heal, hydrate & protect all while giving your lips a smooth, dewy look. An organic, vegan formula that is dermatologist tested and preservative free, I am obsessed! http://www.drdewy.comunnamed-17

District Roasters Whole Bean Coffee Sampler Package
– In all seriousness, I don’t know if I could name 5 adults in my life who don’t drink coffee. In fact I think my parents each drink 2-3 cups before 6:30 A.M. Addicted, perhaps?! 😉 I love the huge selection offered by District Roasters. Anytime a company offers a “sampler” I always go for it, it gives you the option to test different options and help narrow down what you like & what you don’t, in this case I liked them all! My favorite blend: Bella Carmona, bold, bright & flavorful. I love their coffee and their vision. This + a cute mug, practical gift that surely won’t go to waste.


SoapBox Soaps
– Their mission, their motto, their vision, all for a good cause. Soap=Hope. Every single purchase allows them to donate soap, fresh water or vitamins to children all over the world in need. Something nice to see is that not only do they donate around the world but to struggling families in shelters and nursing homes. 🙂 They have a few different options, I like the black soap and body wash. Great stocking stuffer and will get daily use!


Sugar Shoppe LA Christmas Sugar Cubes
– Pair these with tea or coffee and you have a festive, beautiful gift! This really does take adding sugar to your drinks or desserts to another level, anyone with a sweet tooth will agree. The Etsy shop owner, Brittany is so talented she has different themed sugars for any holiday/occasion you can think of! Christmas, Halloween, baby showers, Valentines day, wedding favors, it’s all there. Unique, artisan & beautiful.


Cookies for Kids Cancer
– If I had to narrow it down this would probably be one of my favorite picks this year. Charities that support any kids cause really hits home and means a lot to all of us. How did it start? A two year old boy Liam was diagnosed with childhood cancer, his parents did everything in their power, including getting volunteers to bake over 96,000 cookies raising over $400,000 for research. They are a non-profit raising funds for childhood cancer research and partnered with multiple hospitals/cancer centers across the country. Cookies + supporting a cause.. something we all will appreciate & love.


Mannix Double Strength Vanilla Extract

– Baking is huge this time of year. Whether it’s for a holiday party, baking cookies as a gift or just baking for your family, you’re bound to go through a ton of supplies. I found a company that offers 2x strength vanilla, almond and orange vanilla extracts. Two times the strength means twice the flavor and will last you twice as long! It’s organic, has no sugar, corn-syrup or extra additives, these are some of the most unique, delicious extracts I’ve ever used. Their website offers multiple recipes that can be made using their products, my favorite is the fabulous Florida orange bar cookies… amazing! Give these extracts with a cookbook with tons of dessert recipes, an awesome gift that will get tons of use!

A Sprinkle and a Dash My Cup of Cake
– A little confession, I’ve made a “brownie in a mug” like 50 times from basic ingredients I’ve had at home when I was craving cake/brownies but didn’t feel like making an entire batch/was being too lazy. This is the same concept but with better ingredients! Say goodbye to the mess, hello to extra free time, and still enjoy this Belgian chocolate cup of cake anywhere! This is a convenient gift and is also great for corporate events as they can print a logo on the front of the mug.


Sleep Phones
– Know someone who loves electronics but seems to have it all? Get them Sleep Phones, they’re fun, they’re different and will definitely get a ton of use. I actually got these for my husband because he is always watching Netflix on his phone late at night while we’re in bed so he wouldn’t keep me awake with the noise and lights from the TV. They’re comfortable, the sound quality is good and he uses them constantly. He uses them while laying in bed, while vacuuming, cleaning and even exercising. The speakers are removable, so the headband can be easily washed. They’re soft fleece eco-friendly and are perfect for any age.

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