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My top 20 common uses for Coconut Oil!


I’ve been using coconut oil for years now and am just as obsessed with it now as I was when I started.  It’s a healthy alternative not only for food purposes but can be used for HUNDREDS of different things! Don’t believe me? Google it, the lists are endless and beneficiary to ANYONE! I’ve created a list of tried & true top 20 common uses that I have personally used and benefitted from. These ideas aren’t original, and I cannot take credit for them, they’re just my favorite ways to use this awesome miracle oil.

1. At-home face mask – mix with baking soda and apply for glowing smooth skin.

2. Nourish your lips – the winter months surely take a toll on our skin, great solution to hydrate your lips.

3. Body scrub – mix with sugar (or brown sugar) and essential oils for an at home spa experience. Or mix with ground coffee beans, the smell is amazing!

4. Shaving cream – I haven’t bought shaving cream in YEARS, this gets the job done while hydrating and is also great for sensitive skin.

5. Soothe sunburn – who needs aloe when you have coconut oil?!

6. Massage oil – warm coconut oil, add your favorite essential oil & massage away!

7. Condition wood – I’ve conditioned my cutting boards with this tons of times, keeps them in great shape & helps prevent cracks.

8. Season cast iron cookware – replace the other cooking oils you’ve used with coconut oil.

9. Add it to tea – I usually reach for honey with my tea, but I’ve swapped it out for coconut oil a few times and have no complaints. 😉

10. Cook/Roast with it – really high smoke point, great for cooking on high heat. Stir fry, vegetables, good for sautéing anything really. Pumps up the flavor and has a lot of health benefits.

11. Salad dressing – melt a little coconut oil and swap it out for the more commonly used olive oil and enjoy a different, unique flavor.

12. SMOOTHIES – this is the reason I started buying coconut oil & is still what I use it for most. I add it to ANY flavor smoothie, it adds great texture, flavor, subtle sweetness and of course extra nutrients & more energy. 🙂 Goodbye sugar, hello coconut oil!

13. Baking – substitute coconut oil for butter for a heart healthy alternative. Or replace shortening with it to grease your pan.

14. Oil pulling – this is all the rage lately, I’ve tried it once and liked it. Eliminates toxins, whitens your teeth, and so much more.

15. Makeup remover – great solution for sensitive eyes, only a small amount needed to gently melt away eye makeup.

16. Relaxing bath alternative – coconut oil + essential oils + epsom salts = amazing!

17. Natural hair conditioner – warm in the palms of your hands, massage into scalp to help strengthen and retain moisture.

18. Reduce stretch marks – I’ve managed to make it to week 32 of my pregnancy with no stretch marks, I’ve used a few different products, one of them coconut oil. It helps fade discoloration & keeps your stretching skin hydrated.

19. Polish countertops – I’ve used a tiny, tiny bit on my quartz countertop after cleaning it, leaves it beautiful, shiny & polished, I love it.

20. Treat cuticles – no more dry, flakey cuticles, and an extra moisturizes your hands in the process!

My favorite brand of coconut oil to use is Skinny & Co.  They offer 100% raw, cold-pressed coconut oil harvested from coconuts in Vietnam. They focus on fair trade, ethical practices and always aim to make the world a healthier, better place. I could go on & on about all of the benefits of coconut oil but my favorites are that it is all NATURAL, positively impacts cholesterol levels, contains vitamins K & E, iron, has antimicrobial properties, is heart healthy, boosts immune system, and helps maintain a healthy blood sugar. After reading this, I totally sound like the new spokesperson for Skinny & Co or just coconut oil in general, not the case at all, I just really love their product & have used and loved coconut oil for a very long time! 🙂 website:



Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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