Valentine’s Day Beauty <3


Just a few suggestions for makeup/nails that I put together for Valentine’s day or any “date night.” I love all of these products because they can be worn for both a subtle, light daytime look, or of course for a night out. These are the perfect shades of pink for a holiday centered around love!


100% Pure – Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette
– First and foremost, I am obsessed with eyeshadow palettes. I always choose a palette over loose shadows because they come already paired with colors that work well together and are great to travel with. I love this particular palette because the colors are so soft and neutral, they are great for everyday wear. The colors included are Flax Seed, Chestnut & Toffee eye shadows, Pretty Naked powdered blush, and Pink Champagne luminescent powder. The luminescent powder is such a soft, beautiful color I use it in addition to the eye shadows to create a natural, bright eye. These colors are so great to wear every day or easily can be intensified for a more dramatic look. The coolest thing about this? The colors are all 100% natural and made from fruits, seeds, vegetables and flowers. They’re packed with antioxidants and vitamins and are most certainly the definition of “green beauty.”


Benefit – CORALista
– I was never really into blush, until I found this. I swear by this color and have been using it for years. A warm, pretty pink/coral color, perfect for just about any skin tone. It comes packed with the perfect brush to apply, a lot of product that will last a very long time even if you wear it on a regular basis. Great all year around for a beautiful, shimmery glow. The scent, the packaging, the results, all reasons I LOVE this along with many of benefit’s other products!


Bite Beauty – Peach Lush Fruit Lip Gloss
– I wrote an entire post all about Bite Beauty a few months ago about the products I was loving & why I loved them. I mentioned that I’m more into pink/nude shades and don’t ever really wear anything too dramatic on my lips, this color is the best for a natural, pink, understated lip. I always use chapstick first to prep my lips and than apply my lip gloss, it keeps my lips smooth and helps the color last longer. It is super pigmented and contains only ingredients healthy enough to eat! Some of the ingredients you’ll find in it are real fruits (mango, strawberry, coconut, etc) enriched with nourishing fruit oils. Do a little research on all of the junk added to many lip glosses on the market & you will see exactly why I LOVE Bite Beauty.


Trust Fund Beauty – Nail Polishes
– I’ll admit it, I have a disgusting habit of biting my nails since I was a kid and the only way I won’t is if I have nail polish on. I rarely ever get them done in a salon (it’s been 3+ years!), I hate the smell and all the chemicals used and the damage it does to my nails after taking off the acrylic tips. I love using these polishes because they’re non-toxic and cruelty free. The colors are edgy, fun and high quality. The colors I chose are all very pretty, bold, sparkly and amazing for a day centered around pink/red shades, and will most definitely make a statement. For subtlety I like Virgin, to draw attention I like a base coat of Sex Tape with a top coat of Killer Heels. If you love nail polish & wear it every single day, they have a monthly subscription box that offers new shades each month, discount codes + extra goodies!

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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