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9Months NON-Alcoholic Sparkling “Wine”

I should have written this about 2 weeks ago, but as most of you know, sometimes life gets in the way and things don’t always go as planned. Nonetheless, I’m writing it now and ready to tell you guys all about one of my favorite finds lately for both pregnant mammas and non-alcoholic drinkers alike!



9Months was created allowing all of us pregnant ladies a chance to celebrate any occasion (weddings, new years eve, valentine’s day… you get the picture) despite the fact that we can’t drink alcohol! Their grapes are grown in southern Australia and refrigerated at zero degrees Celsius to prevent fermentation. I LOVE the taste, the concept and that they donate a percentage of each bottle sold to the March of Dimes to promote healthy babies and to provide resources for research. 🙂 What’s not to love?!

This seriously was such a treat, I drink water all day every day, with the exception of coffee 3 or so times a week and occasionally iced tea. I’m also not a huge alcohol drinker when I’m not pregnant so this is something I’d drink all year around, pregnant or not. It tastes great on its own but since it was Valentine’s day, I added a few things to make it a little bit more like a cocktail than a wine. The picture above includes 9Months sparkling white “wine”, a splash of white grape cranberry juice, a small handful of blueberries and sliced strawberries. AMAZING! It comes beautifully packaged, just like wine and you can drink it without any guilt or more importantly any harmful effects to your baby.

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