What’s In My Hospital Bag?!?

This baby of mine will be here in less than 2 weeks! That isn’t based off of my due date, it’s based off my scheduled c-section. People get really weird about c-sections, they’re people who opt to have one because they think it is the easier option, than they’re the people who oppose them and feel like your being robbed of the true “birthing experience.” Whether you’re for or against them, they are often medically necessary and for me, I’m going with what my doctor suggests and doing what’s safest for myself & my baby.  I’m excited, anxious, nervous and so ready to get him here and start the recovery process! These products can be used for any hospital bag/birthing experience but cater more to those having a c-section. My first time around I packed way more than I needed, this time I’m packing just the essentials since the hospital offers SO much (everything for the baby EXCEPT a going home outfit). Of course I will still be packing my toothbrush, a few skincare items, hairbrush, going home outfit for myself and the baby.

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1 + 5. Harmony Top & Vintage Dream Pants. Don’t ask why I separated these two when they’re both from the same company and both go together. Pregnancy brain, I guess? 😉 The Harmony Top can be worn both out or as pajamas which is what I use it for. It’s a nursing top, is made of stretchy fabric and offers tons of support to your growing body. The Vintage Dream Pants, super comfortable, and sit low allowing tons of room for your growing tummy. I’ve been wearing these constantly since I am officially on maternity leave, I live in pajamas.They may sit a little low and interfere with the c-section incision, but using a recovery band and loosening them to the max may help. I’ll probably bring an extra pair of loose yoga pants incase these are too tight.

2. Bravado – The Elegant Embrace Nursing Bra. I’ve also been using & loving this the past few months. Soft cotton and wire-free make for ultimate comfort. This bra is great for nursing moms, the clips are super easy to use and it offers great support. It’s true to size and the seamless fabric wears well under any fabric/type of shirt.

3. Pretty You London – Jessica Slipper. This may seem kind of random, especially if you’ve never had a baby or stayed overnight in a hospital. But with a c-section the nurses MAKE you get out of bed and walk around. The first step to recovery is getting out of bed and MOVING! It sucks, and it hurts but I spent a lot of time walking up and down those hospital halls my first time around, and know this time won’t be any different. The floors are cold and dirty (they’re floors, they’ve been walked on constantly ALL day) and I am definitely not walking around barefoot. Socks are a pain to put on, especially after just having a major surgery, slippers kept my feet warm and are a must in my hospital bag! I LOVE all of Pretty You London’s slippers, I had SO much trouble narrowing down which ones I liked best. Rose gold leopard sequins + soft fur lining, heaven!

4. C-Panty High Waist Recovery & Slimming Panty. I probably won’t actually be wearing these while in the hospital (only because I will probably struggle putting them on), probably a week or so after but I wanted to mention them anyway. A few reasons I really wanted these are, they offer compression around the incision and help reduce swelling & decrease pain, help shrink uterus & flatten belly, speeds healing & reduces the appearance of scars, protects & supports incision area. I obviously can’t speak for the results yet, but I will keep you guys updated. They got a ton of good reviews on Amazon and various websites, so I figured they are definitely worth a shot.

6. AbdoMend Deluxe C-Section Recovery Kit. Probably the product I’m most excited for in my recovery process is this. Anyone who has ever had a c-section or any abdominal surgery knows how much support our bodies need to heal. Yes, this is also a great idea to help flatten your stomach but it offers much more and is essential for recovery. The kit includes a bikini belt and strap (to be worn immediately), hem it in belt (used for months after), also a massage guide DVD and skin brush to decrease swelling by stimulating the lymphatic system. The littlest things hurt me after having my first c-section, sneezing, laughing, bumpy car rides, getting up, anything, I was really sore and appreciated the help of a belt/band to help get me through. Sounds dramatic, but it is by no means an easy recovery especially when you’re waking up constantly with the baby and this time I’ll be taking care of my 3-year-old as well. I will take any extra help I can get, and do anything to help strengthen my body and recover as fast and safe as possible. I’ve seen similar products offered from around $50-150. Price wise this is in the middle and was created specifically for c-sections, after a lot of research, I realized this is the one for me. I will definitely keep you all updated on how well it worked for me!

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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