Activewear is Everyday Wear


Go ahead and set aside those tunics, jeans and dresses and move all of your workout apparel to the front of your closet. Yoga pants are more common than ever before and dressing down is totally acceptable (in most cases!). Activewear-style sweatshirts like the ones pictured above are a closet must have, not only because they are comfortable and serve as both activewear and loungewear but because they’re fashionable. Plus, you won’t ever have an excuse not to exercise because you’ll already be dressed and ready for the occasion! 😉

Kira Grace Flirt Moto Jacket ♠ Just like their Goddess Yoga Pants that I have, this jacket is designed for both athletic and curvy girls. As a mom of two who is on this never ending weight loss journey, this is much appreciated! This jacket pairs well with jeans, or any patterned leggings since it’s solid black. Made of soft brushed terry and spandex, it’s edgy both in the gym or on the town. Pair this with jeans and black boots and you’re set.

PrismSport Printed Long Sleeve ¼ Zip Top (Cables) ♠ This top is SO comfortable. The material hugs your body, keeping you warm and snug. The added length of this is great as it will stay put on your body and not wrinkle, crease, or run up making this ideal for both exercise and errands alike. Made of micropoly and is soft to the touch. I love layering this with a vest or a solid colored jacket for additional warmth.


Alala Slice Pullover ♠ This is by far my most worn piece of activewear clothing. 88% promodal, 12% lycra, this pullover is insanely soft and comfortable. I love the style, the comfort and how flattering it looks with any pants you pair it with. It fits loose and is always my go-to for lounging around. The solid black color and mesh detail run all the way down the arms and the bright mint green band along the bottom make this one of my favorite closet staples.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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