kitchen essentials

Kitchen Essentials

unnamed-15I’ve gathered up my favorite kitchen essentials that are both chic & functional. Really, who wouldn’t love to cook up a delicious meal using beautiful cookware and utensils.. need I say more? 🙂


Every self-taught cooks best friend, a cookbook. Unless you have a true passion for cooking and years of experience, you more than likely follow written recipes. I LOVE using Pinterest for ideas as well as a family cookbook I have and the one pictured above, What to Cook & How to Cook it. Flipping through the pages of this cookbook inspire me to think outside of my comfort zone and experiment with new ideas. My favorite recipe I’ve tried thus far is roasted summer vegetable and ricotta lasanga.. delicious.

If there is one piece of kitchen equipment that will probably outlast you, it’s a cast iron skillet. I love the Lodge 10″ blue square grill pan. It’s sturdy, non-stick, can be used on any cooking surface and can handle the highest of heat. Not to mention the color, it’s pretty! I love using this to grill chicken, steak, vegetables, you name it, this will cook it. Season it well and it will last you a lifetime.


Talisman Designs are by far the most fun & creative kitchen utensils you will find. They craft their uniquely designed laser etched wooden utensils from responsibly harvested natural beechwood. I LOVE their colorful hot pads, salt & pepper shakers, measuring spoons, ALL of their beechwood utensils (Vivid are my favorites), basically their entire line! These are always out on display in my kitchen and are the first thing I reach for when cooking. Talisman is the exact cross of chic meets functional.
I LOVE American Bakeware. They sell the most beautiful, colorful line of high quality ceramic dishes. Every single color is fun, bright and sure to add that extra pop of color to your kitchen. Pictured above are the 8″x9″ square casserole dish, 10″x11″ casserole dish and medium covered casserole dish in Green Apple. These heat evenly and are so versatile for not only baking but cooking as well. I’m so tempted to buy every single product in this color and am thinking I should!!! The owners are very down to earth and have over 20+ years of experience in the industry and all of their products are made right here in the U.S. which is awesome & something we don’t see as often as we should.

Produce Candles. You’re probably wondering why I’m including candles in my kitchen essentials post, but really what better way to lift your spirits and put you in the cooking mood than produce scented candles?!? I originally saw this line at Eataly NYC and was immediately intrigued by the unique scents and overall concept. My favorites are the Sage & Wildflower. The sage scent is really earthy and brings the scent of the holidays into your home and Wildflower offers a clean, floral scent and really fills the entire house within minutes of being lit. These offer a strong but not overpowering scent and burn for hours.


If you’ve never done any research on all of the chemicals in products we use to cook, clean, use for basic daily tasks, you’d probably be surprised. The Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pans are made without PTFE & PFOA, come in 3 different sizes (8″, 10″ and 12″) and hold up well even with daily use. Throw out your unsafe cookware and convert to safer, healthier options. Non-stick, holds temperature well and VERY easy to clean, these are a must in my kitchen.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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