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March Beauty Favorites

unnamedAll of my favorite beauty & skincare products that I’ve been loving from the months of February & March! ♥


∴ Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner & Eye Do Lengthen & Strengthen Mascara ∴ ⇒ I really like this mascara because it adds just enough length to mimic false lashes. It doesn’t clump or dry out like many other mascaras I’ve tried and contains ingredients such as shea butter, ginkgo biloba and botanical proteins to condition and promote lash growth. The eyeliner goes on so smoothly and makes creating a thin line or a winged cat eye a breeze. The firm tip and bold color make this eyeliner a win with me.


∴ G.M. Collin Lip Plumping Complex ∴ ⇒ I thought some of the lip plumpers I included in my previous blog post were my favorite.. until I tried this. The formula includes collagen & hyaluronic acid microspheres to visibly plump, improve & hydrate lips. Within seconds of applying you feel a slight tingling sensation, which I actually like because I know it’s working. The color looks really bright/bold in the package but goes on semi-sheer with the prettiest tint of pink perfect for spring! I find myself reaching for this over any of my other glosses.


∴ Vera Mona Color Switch Duo & Solo ∴ ⇒ Because I don’t have a huge brush collection, I end up using the same brushes for at least 4 different colors when applying my eyeshadow. A little research on solutions to this led me to Vera Mona. I thought this was the coolest concept for reusing the same brush over and over without having to worry about color transfer. The duo includes a sponge in the middle (for water) to dampen your brush for wet makeup application. These are super convenient and the price sure beats paying for an entire collection of brushes.


∴ Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Clothes ∴ ⇒ Cleansing wipes are a staple in my evening beauty routine to remove my mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner after hours of wear. These are 100% non-toxic and soaked in vitamins and natural oils (jojoba, sunflower, citrus) and organic honey to keep your skin healthy & glowing. They’re really soft and remove makeup with just a few gentle swipes.


∴ Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Oil, Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm, Creme Fraiche Moisturizing Cream & Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals ∴ ⇒ The cleansing water is a 3-in-1 product for cleansing, purifying and softening skin. On night’s when I’m too exhausted to go through an entire 15 minute skincare routine, I just use this and the cleansing clothes. I use a tiny amount of the huile prodigieuse oil to smooth out my hair after styling, it’s a really light, non-greasy formula and smells amazing. Whether it’s Winter or Summer I use a moisturizer for my face every single day. This one helps maintain the optimum level of water in your skin while leaving it super smooth & soft. I’ve tried a few different facial oils for my skin, but they all end up leaving my skin so oily, not the case with this – it’s ideal for someone with naturally oily/combination skin. I also use their ultra nourishing lip balm to soothe and smooth my lips all with only one application that lasts hours. The combination of honey and oils make this beyond hydrating.

IMG_2899 IMG_2915

∴ Pink Dust Cosmetics ∴ ⇒ Okay, so I’m an avid HGTV watcher and a huge fan of Flip or Flop, so when I saw the beautiful Christina El Moussa repping this brand, I was totally sold. I am obsessed with the Pink Dust lipsticks, glosses and liquid lipsticks. The colors are SO pigmented and long-lasting. I am not even joking when I say you can eat an entire meal and not have to worry about your lip color coming off. The colors last all day and are all beautiful bold shades of pink! I throw the Cleopatra Palette in my purse for days when I do my makeup on the go (AKA Mon-Fri when I’m running out the door)! The coppered bronze & gold minx colors are really pigmented and make my green eyes pop. I also use their mineral powder foundation to keep my skin flawless and matte all day long. It blends out really well and the formula is light enough that it doesn’t look caked on.

IMG_4486 IMG_4495

∴ Bliss Miss ‘Sculpt’-A-Lot Contour Palette & Un-buffing Believable Sculpting Finishing Balm ∴ ⇒ This contour palette is THE best. The colors are all so flattering and can be blended to your desired level of definition SO easily. If you’re new to contouring, I highly recommend this. The formula is packed of wheat protein, oat extract and lemon fruit extract making this a really sheer formula that gives your skin a flawless glow with minimal effort. Since as long as I can remember I’ve suffered from excessive oily skin, even some of the best foundations to combat oil still manage to fade after a long days wear. The un-buffing believable finishing balm goes on velvety smooth and is great at keeping foundation matte and sets your makeup for all day wear. It contains light reflecting technology to diffuse the appearance of pores (please & thank you), wrinkles & fine lines.


Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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