Get Motivated! Spring Cleaning Essentials & Tips

Ahh, it's that time of year again, fresh flowers, sporadic rain showers, baseball games, outdoor parties, and SPRING CLEANING! Love it or hate it, it's something that needs to get done. I've compiled a list of my favorite products & tips that make even the most mundane task a breeze. What may seem like a huge… Continue reading Get Motivated! Spring Cleaning Essentials & Tips

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Makeup Madeup Complete Brush Set

I'm in the process of building the perfect makeup brush collection. I've mentioned probably 100 times that the key to a flawless face is in the application itself. Without a quality brush even the highest quality foundation won't apply smoothly & effortlessly. I was pretty excited when I found the Makeup Madeup brush set, it… Continue reading Makeup Madeup Complete Brush Set