Get Motivated! Spring Cleaning Essentials & Tips

Ahh, it’s that time of year again, fresh flowers, sporadic rain showers, baseball games, outdoor parties, and SPRING CLEANING! Love it or hate it, it’s something that needs to get done. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite products & tips that make even the most mundane task a breeze. What may seem like a huge to-do, can be simplified by staying on top of your daily chores and being consistent!

10 Household Tips to Keep Your House Clean & Organized!
• Plan it out, do one chore a day to avoid over-doing it and put it on your calendar to make a point to get it done daily.

• Declutter! The art of organization will make it 100 times easier to clean and will look better before you even start to.

• Use an unused toothbrush to clean those hard to reach places such as grout, drains, tap fixtures, etc.

• Organize your kitchen pantry and get rid of anything that has expired or use anything that will soon.

• Keep cords off the floor and out of sight by attaching binder clips or twist ties.

• Use a tension shower curtain rod to create more storage in your closet.

• Hang baskets for storage to take advantage of unused wall space.

• Use shower curtain rods and hooks to hang and store your purses or other accessories.

• Recycle baby wipe cases and other plastic boxes to store game & puzzle pieces and other small toys.

The essentials for the cleanest/freshest house possible:


The Laundress ⇒ I am obsessed with their classic detergent, the scent is so sophisticated and crisp and leaves my clothes smelling so fresh & clean. The linen spray is definitely my favorite of the bunch. I actually use this more on my couch, chairs, curtains and rugs than I do on clothes. It makes for a great room spray and the scent lasts a while. Delicate Wash, for any silk or synthetic materials. With two little boys I use the Stain Solution more than I’d like, hand wash with a capful + cool water take out old stains & new. You know you’re all about that mom life (and wife life) when you get this excited over laundry products! 🙂 http://www.thelaundress.com


CLEAN Warm Cotton Room & Linen Spray and Reed Diffuser ⇒ I love the scent of freshly washed, just dried clothing, hence the excitement above! This spray replicates just that. I used the entire bottle within one month of having it. I spray this everywhere, clothes, bed sheets, fabric furniture, curtains, rugs, blankets, you name it.. this has been spritzed on it. I like the idea of diffusers for rooms that I’m not frequently in, I don’t want to light candles if they’re not within eyesight. This scent is great to keep your room smelling fresh without being too overpowering. http://www.cleanperfume.com

Southern Firefly Candles ⇒ I am completely blown away by the entire Southern Firefly candle line. The destination collection is so fun & unique and truly captures the charm of the south! They are carefully crafted with all natural soy wax, packaged in recyclable materials all by a family in Nashville. Some of the destination series candles include: Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, North Carolina, Florida and Kentucky. They fill your home with a strong, warm scent and have a really long burn time. My Favorite: North Carolina – a perfectly balanced combination of sea salt & oak. They also sell their candle scents in fragrance bottles as well. I spray ‘Nashville’ all over my living room to remind me of the unique scents of Music City, Tennessee Whiskey and leather, sounds weird, but smells oh-so good! http://www.southernfirefly.com


Method ⇒ Your one stop shop for everything clean. There is not a single product missing to keep your entire house spotless. These products are powerful enough to clean your house from top to bottom without any harsh, harmful chemicals, which since having kids has become even more important to me. Their line includes: dish soap, all purpose cleaners, body wash, hand soap, laundry detergent and air refresher. My favorite: all purpose cleaner, the powergreen technology cuts through even the toughest grease and packs a huge punch wherever else used. http://www.methodhome.com


Shark Rocket Powerhead ⇒ This vacuum is small but mighty and has made all the difference in my daily cleaning routine. Dark hardwood floors + two little kids don’t exactly mesh. Between dust & an absurd amount of crumbs (how do crumbs end up everywhere?!?), my floor needs daily cleaning. It comes with two interchangeable brushroll attachments, one for floors the other for carpet. It takes seconds to switch them and picks up EVERYTHING! Shark is top of the line when it comes to vacuums and this one is excellent. It’s super lightweight (9lbs total) and very easy to maneuver around furniture. The hardwood floors brushroll is super gentle on hardwood and powerful enough to clean up any and everything on floors (think chip crumbs, dirt, clothing lint.. you get the idea!). This is for sure a cleaning essential in my house. http://www.sharkclean.com

I hope this post gives you a few ideas on better cleaning practices and gets you motivated to get your spring cleaning done!



Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


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