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How to Use Color Correctors

By now, you have more than likely heard of the art of color-correction makeup. It's the newest trend in beauty and is a technique of using specific colors to even out any discoloration in your skin. It leaves a really even, smooth result, and is totally worth trying to address almost any skin concern. A palette of bright greens, pinks and… Continue reading How to Use Color Correctors

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Give Your Morning a Jolt with Coffee Infused Skincare

A jolt of caffeine in the morning is totally necessary, and the best way to reap the benefits of it is by slathering it all over your body. No jitteriness, no calories and definitely no afternoon crash... just smooth, firm, well rested skin! Caffeine has made waves in the beauty industry for its anti-aging properties, ability… Continue reading Give Your Morning a Jolt with Coffee Infused Skincare