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How to Use Color Correctors


By now, you have more than likely heard of the art of color-correction makeup. It’s the newest trend in beauty and is a technique of using specific colors to even out any discoloration in your skin. It leaves a really even, smooth result, and is totally worth trying to address almost any skin concern. A palette of bright greens, pinks and purples may look intimidating, but with a little knowledge and a light hand, you’re on your way to flawless skin.

Pink .:. Brightens
Lavender .:. neutralizes yellow tones
Green .:. neutralizes redness
Orange .:. neutralizes blue tones
Peach .:. helps to balance out slight discoloration
White .:. adds natural highlight and brightens
Cream .:. neutralizes purple & covers dark areas
Brown .:. balances ashiness in medium to dark skin tones



This isn’t something I use daily, but its great if you have an event to go to where you’re willing to put in the extra effort to get the most flawless complexion. I use the Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette. It contains 8 creamy, super bendable shades and has a really low price point which is awesome for someone who’s new to color correcting.


How I use this palette: 

Pink .:. as a neutral warm highlight on cheeks and down the bridge of nose
Green .:. diminish any redness on cheeks, around nose.. wherever
Orange .:. cancel dark under eye circles, shadows, any hyper pigmentation

I honestly don’t use all of the colors provided, I find that the 3 shades above add enough coverage to correct all of my current skin concerns. There are TONS of videos on color correcting making this new technique simple to learn. My biggest piece of advice is to use a light hand and blend blend blend. This step is adding an additional layer of product, so you want to make sure its completely blended out so it doesn’t look caked on.


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