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Farmbox Direct Fresh Produce Delivery

I absolutely HATE grocery shopping – finding the time, fighting the crowds, schlepping heavy bags to and from my car… not my idea of fun. So naturally, I’m drawn to any company that offers to do all of the work for you and deliver groceries right to your door. My latest find is the Farmbox Direct fresh produce delivery service.

Upon opening my box of produce last week, I was immediately excited to start cooking a few new summer recipes. Inside were tons of fresh fruit and vegetables – corn, apples, a mango, grapes, pears, carrots, to name a few.

The company was started a few years ago after the owner, Ashley realized how hard it was to find fresh, organic produce in NY and decided to put a change to that and find & deliver organic produce throughout the city. So it’s super convenient for anyone, no matter where you live. The box contains a recipe card for some kitchen inspiration, but I already had a few ideas of my own what I was going to use most of it for.

They deliver only 100% organic; fresh produce directly to the doorsteps of consumers across the entire country. They use local farms that are USDA Certified Organic, to deliver the freshest in-season product possible. And, being from the Garden State, I’d expect nothing less! They offer 3 different size boxes depending on the amount you’d like and you can easily customize specifically what you’d like. No commitment and all of the packing material is bio-degradable which is awesome.


Check it out at

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