Hold Your Haunches Shapewear – Does It Work?!

Wearing leggings daily is practically the norm for many women and finding a pair that is comfortable, flattering while offering support and enough coverage isn’t always the easiest. I saw the company Hold Your Haunches on Shark Tank a while back and was most definitely onboard with the idea of body shaping compression pants. Pants that promise to smooth and shape your butt, legs and midsection area… who couldn’t rock with that?!?

Hold Your Haunches shapewear is different than others because it actually has two separate layers of fiber. The top is the visible material and the bottom, underneath layer is a compression material that runs the full length of the capris. So you’re basically getting extra support because of the two thick(ish) layers.

They come in several different styles and I have the Caboose Boost, which are the capri style. I got these back in April and was totally on the fence about them. I liked them at first, then I felt they were too tight and put them away for a while, then I was into them again… a lot of mixed feelings.

I never waste the time writing a bad review on my site, I’m not into bashing companies and I like to keep the vibe positive here. So here it goes: the leggings definitely hold up to their promise of smoothing out your butt, legs and midsection area. Everything looked smooth & tight. I love being able to pull the waist band up over my tummy and smooth that are out as well. It does make a noticeable difference. My only complaint was that they were almost too tight… if that makes any sense. Yes, they’re designed to help suck everything in, but I found that wearing them all day was too much for me. Even though they are not my absolute favorite, I would still recommend them simply for their ability to live up to their high expectations.


Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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