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Foundations & Tinted Moisturizers Ideal For Summer

With summer in full force and temperatures rising above 90* in many parts of the country, it’s a given to lighten up your entire makeup routine… especially when it comes to foundation. Lighter, more natural coverage is the way to go. A high quality tinted moisturizer/lighter foundation will keep your skin looking flawless without the added heaviness. Listed below are my favorite products for even, long-lasting natural coverage perfect for all summer long!

.:. Pirette :: Tinted Lotion .:. I’ve raved about this on my blog and Instagram before, I’m totally obsessed. This has been my go-to tinted moisturizer since the first time I used it. It’s fortified with SPF to protect, coconut oil to nourish & repair and a fine grain shimmer to enhance skins appearance with a subtle luminance. Super light and blends out with zero effort.. the color seems to always magically match my skin all year around. It evens my skin tone and leaves me with a subtle dewy glow and just works with my skin tone and type perfectly. »


.:. Sweat Cosmetics :: Twist Brush + Mineral Foundation .:. Newly launched in Sephora, this is different than anything else in the beauty community. This company was started by a group of professional & Olympic female soccer athletes. As someone who played soccer for 12 years I was immediately intrigued when I found this foundation. Where was this 10 years ago when I needed it?!! Lightweight, dermatologist approved formula that is packed with antioxidants, vitamin E and SPF 30 sunscreen and is water and sweat-resistant… yes please! This is ideal for someone who prefers to wear makeup even during an intense workout, and is a must for *everyones* summer beauty collection. The brush is insanely soft and the powder comes out a little at a time so you don’t need to worry about using too much or making a mess. The coverage is sheer but enough and offers a really subtle glow and stays put despite sweating on these humid summer days and lives up to all of its claims. »


.:. Dedra Beauty :: Crème Foundation Stick .:. How awesome is it to find a new product that is actually really good and not just hyped up because of the brand name?! This is definitely one. I’ve been SO impressed with the quality of everything I’ve tried from Dedra beauty. This foundation stick is amazing.. I like to use it in addition to a tinted moisturizer for added coverage without it looking & feeling too heavy. I spread a little on my cheeks where I have redness, over any blemishes/discoloration, and just anywhere I feel needs a little extra TLC. The formula is really smooth & creamy and it blends out in seconds with a damp beauty blender and leaves your skin looking as natural as can be. »

.:. Glo Minerals :: Tinted Primer .:. An oil free formula with mineral sun protection to even skin tone and texture while providing a light, smooth radiance. The consistency is super light.. it evens out skin discoloration while leaving your skin natural looking & feels like you aren’t wearing makeup at all! The coverage is buildable depending on the amount you prefer and it’s also great to layer with other products (dedra beauty foundation stick!) to achieve your desired results easily without over doing it. Adios, cake face. »

.:. Fiona Stiles :: Matte Finish Foundation Concentrate .:. Fiona Stiles is a celebrity makeup artist and completely crushed the industry with her line of makeup.. it’s one of the best I’ve found in a while and worth the hype. This is the only one of the bunch that isn’t a tinted moisturizer or lighter coverage. This is full blown, highly concentrated flawless coverage foundation and I am totally in love with it! I have THE hardest time finding a full coverage foundation that doesn’t look cakey and actually matches my skin tone. This one comes in a big variety of colors and comes in both a matte and luminous finish. The matte concentrate absorbs oil, covers every imperfection, and lasts all day. These are incredibly long wearing and create a flattering “soft focus” effect on the skin and leave the most beautiful flawless finish. Shade #6 is a perfect match for me on the days I use self-tanner. And when I’m not as tan, I mix shades 3 & 6 (or 7) and that is also a spot on match. I found that both the matte & luminous finish offer a really beautiful end result even for us combination/oily skin girls.  »

.:. Honest Beauty :: Everything Tinted Moisturizer .:. Infused with chamomile & calendula to calm and soothe, hydrating aloe vera, grapeseed & olive oils, and sunscreen to protect. The texture is creamy but on the thicker side so I find this works best when massaged into skin. I also like to add a tiny drop of face oil to this for a little extra moisture. Despite having oily skin, I find that adding oil gives the best finish to this. Honest doesn’t add tons of chemical junk to their products, making this even easier to love. »

.:. Sulwhasoo :: Evenfair Perfecting Cushion .:. If you’ve never heard of or used a cushion compact it’s basically a sponge soaked in a BB cream type formula (lightweight watery foundation) that also contains SPF and offers a buildable soft finish when used with light patting motions. The trick with this is to use the minimalist amount possible (less than two dabs into the cushion) – start with a tiny bit and build up the coverage. With the correct amount, this leaves gives a really dewy natural finish. If you use TOO much it will emphasize pores/fine lines, any uneven texture or cast a “mask” like appearance over skin. This is a Korean Beauty trend that has taken over the makeup industry and is for sure here to stay. »


.:. Karin Herzog :: BB Cream .:. This not only offers good coverage, but it’s good for your skin as well. It contains hyaluronic acid to fight against the appearance of age, antioxidants, marshmallow absolute and is colored with organic clay giving you a natural matte finish without looking too flat or dull. The coverage is sheer and it has kind of a whipped consistency. This melts right into your skin and doesn’t oxidize or leave skin discolored or oily at all. »

To get an idea of the consistencies:



Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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