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PUR Cosmetics Love Your Selfie 2 Palette // *Brand New Launch*

In light of this gorgeous palette launching in Ulta stores tomorrow, August 7th, I wanted to emphasize how beautiful & versatile it really is. PUR is one of those brands that I feel isn’t raved about enough. Every single product I’ve tried of theirs, I’ve loved. My first ever non drug store foundation purchase was actually from PUR, their 4-in-1 pressed mineral powder foundation. I seriously wore it for YEARS. No concealer, no primer, no other extra steps/products, just that powder… and I loved it!! That’s another topic thought, back to the palette..


This palette is essentially your start to finish makeup look minus foundation. Hello travel friendly! It includes 8 exclusive eyeshadow shades, a baking powder (or highlighter), blush & bronzer. ALSO – there’s a smooth berry colored lip gloss, a velvet matte lip pencil and a travel size mascara. The colors in this palette are all so beautiful and complementary to any skin tone.


Shadow shades – left to right:

•Headshot (vanilla)
•Statuesque (light cocoa)
•Panorama (mahogany w/ gold fleck)
•Abstract (milk chocolate pearl)
•Pose (powder pink)
•Sketch (rust)
•Megapixel (pure gold)
•Paparazzi (olive green shimmer)


I am absolutely obsessed with the colors Megapixel (a shimmery gold), and Panorama (a bronzed gold). There’s something about a classic gold shade that I can’t resist. It suits any eye color and really just brightens & enhances the color in the best way. If you’re looking for a one shadow look, I highly recommend either of those. ALL of these shades are really smooth & velvety and apply so well. I’m also really impressed with the bronzer, it doubles as a great eyeshadow transition color and a super-soft, long-lasting bronzer, that isn’t orange-y in the least.


Even more importantly – PUR’s message behind this palette is empowering. Use makeup to enhance your natural beauty & embrace your “selfie” including your imperfections! And of course, spread the positivity and uplift others! 🙂 .:.


Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


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