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:: My Eyeshadow Palette Collection :: <3

I am a proud makeup enthusiast! There’s something about drawers full of lip glosses, highlighters, blush, foundations and eyeshadows that just… gets me. Every time – all the time! Eyeshadows are my kryptonite and I can’t resist adding new palettes to my collection. I may look like a hoarder and maybe I am, but will it stop me from buying the next latest and greatest palette once it comes out? … Not a chance. Eyeshadow has always been my favorite makeup to buy and buying it in palette form with a slew of colors that compliment each other takes the guess work out of matching up single shades, plus they’re SO pretty to look at.


Without further adieu – here’s a general overview of my palette collection:


LORAC Pro 1 & Pro 2 .:×:. I really love the texture and longevity of LORAC shadows. I’d easily recommend Lorac over any other brand. They’re a smooth, buttery consistency and easily last all day long. All of their palettes are made with shades that pair well with one another and are the best option for anyone, whether you’re just starting your makeup collection or a MAU looking for the best palettes for your makeup kit. The Pro 2 palette colors are life! Clearly, Mocha is my favorite shade, I wore it solely for weeks and didn’t reach for any other palette for a very long time.


LORAC Unzipped .:×:. Swoon! In addition to the LORAC Pro palettes, they also offer the warm toned Unzipped palette. Oh LORAC, how I love you. Unzipped is hands down the most beautiful palette EVER. A gorgeous combination of 4 matte and 6 shimmer shades in a beautiful array of rose gold colors. Each shade offers good color payoff and is super blendable. With the addition of the primer included with this, the colors wear for 10+ hours on me. Unbelievable is my favorite shade, it’s a medium rose copper toned shade with a metallic finish. I 100% highly recommend this!


Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Palette .:×:. I purchased this the day it went on sale at Ulta. I couldn’t pass up such a hyped up palette and it was only $25 making it a steal. Read my full review on it here.


PUR Cosmetics Love Your SELFIE 2 .:×:. This is PUR’s newest palette and just recently launched. I have been reaching for this palette over any of the bunch over the past few weeks and think it’s a phenomenal deal for everything you get. Eight eyeshadows, highlighter, blush & bronzer, lip gloss, lip liner and a travel sized mascara all for a lower price than you’d pay for ONE palette from UD or several other brands. The quality is top notch and PUR isn’t raved about nearly enough as it should be! Read my full review + swatches here.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance .:×:. If you watch YouTube or follow any makeup blogs, you’ve more than likely already read reviews and seen several tutorials on this palette. I was kind of hesitant to buy this. It’s the first product I’ve owned from ABH and wasn’t sure if it was really as good as they say or just hyped up by beauty vlogger/bloggers who were being paid to say so (unfortunately this seems to happen way too often). I was totally impressed with the shade selection & quality and how awesome this palette is. I was torn between this and another and the girl who worked at Ulta recommended this to make my green eyes pop and she was definitely right on that. The warm pink and orange shades aren’t what I’d typically go for but this palette is amazing and is sure to make a statement in every way you use it.


Makeup Geek x MannyMUA Palette .:×:. First of all, this palette sold out within minutes of it’s launch online which speaks volumes on how excited people were for Manny to create this. Five shades were custom created by Manny and the other 4 are his favorites from the existing Makeup Geek collection. Original review + swatches can be found here.


Honest Beauty Everything Makeup Palette .:×:. Another brand and product that isn’t talked about enough. I was addicted to the bronze shimmer eyeshadow color when I first got this, months ago. This palette includes 5 eyeshadows, cream blush and 2 lip colors. While I do like the blush & one lip color I use this mainly for the eyeshadows. Honest created this without talc which is something that’s been weighing on me and making me want to clean out some of my less safe makeup.


Gorgeous Cosmetics Everyday Beauty Palette .:×:. The Plum shade is what drew me in to this palette and it is probably the best purple shade I’ve found/used ever. Purple eyeshadow sounds so… harsh or childlike in a sense. Not the case with this.. it’s a muted purple with a soft glow that is universally flattering no matter what eye color you have. The shade purple is the best compliment for green eyes and this shade alone justifies buying the palette. I use all 8  colors for my eyes and even use the color ‘Charity’ as blush, it’s a soft light pink with a golden sheen and applies effortlessly.


Cargo Land Down Under .:×:. Cargo sells my favorite blushes ever, and I am equally loving their eyeshadow palettes. This one is inspired by the beaches of Australia and contains a collection of cool toned shades in bright pops of color that are amazing for summer time. This is a great option for subtle everyday looks or when you’re looking for bold fun colors. The shades Domain, Manly and Bondi aren’t like anything else in my collection and really add a fun element to this and make this a must in my collection.


Cargo The Essentials Palette .:×:. Twelve neutral everyday shades inspired by urban architecture. This palette comes with a brush & a black eyeliner pencil and costs way less than some of its competitors. I love the colors and the formulation is fabulous and think it’s a good value for the price.


Osmosis Colour Matte Collection .:×:. Known for their skincare line that claims to be one of the most scientifically advanced that is also Oncology friendly. They also have a full line of makeup! The colors in this palette are all earth toned and can be applied with a light hand for subtlety or intensified for a more dramatic look. I like layering the colors Sienna, Toasted Peach and Truffle for a flattering everyday, all year around look. The pans are bigger than the standard size and each shade is essentially crease free and fool-proof to blend & apply.


Buxom May Contain Nudity .:×:. I’m still kind of on the fence with this one. The colors are nice but don’t think they’re anything unique or different enough to justify buying this. Just your average nudes. I will say that this palette is very compact and travel friendly and is actually refillable and primer infused. If you’re looking for a nice unique collection, pass on this. If you’re an eyeshadow junkie like me and want to own a palette from Buxom.. sure, why not?! I’m kind of wishing I spent my $40 elsewhere on something better. Not bashing, just being honest.

I hope this inspires you to step up your palette game, or clear out the older ones that you no longer use and make room for some new ones! ❤


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


13 thoughts on “:: My Eyeshadow Palette Collection :: <3

  1. Love the Abh palette! And I’m loving these pictures, you took them so well! Loved the post! Please check out my latest post if you get the chance, it’d mean a lot! Xx

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