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::: The *BEST* Makeup Artist Beauty Lines :::

Without a doubt, professional makeup artists create the BEST makeup lines around. Jillian Dempsey, Laura Mercier, Natasha Denona – all celebrity A-list makeup artists (and experts) with years and years of experience, who each had a unique perspective on makeup trends, which products work and which don’t and what the beauty community was missing.


.:. Jillian Dempsey ••• She brought an effortless, laid back approach to the beauty industry by creating her *no-brush required* luxury line of lid tints that use only naturally sourced, organic ingredients. It’s a chic, dewy, modern take on the ever so famous runway makeup style. They are a unique formula of skin-loving ingredients: coconut oil & shea butter and also contain cornstarch to help the color stay crease-free, all day long, even in hot weather. These are totally mistake-proof and offer a sheer tint of color with a smooth, glossy sheen. Full review + swatches can be found here.


.:. Laura Mercier ••• Known for her skills in creating a flawless face, Laura Mercier started her career by assisting a team to launch American Elle, and working on several major beauty advertising campaigns. She created her own line to cater to every woman no matter her age or skin type. If you watch YouTube beauty tutorials then you already know all about her loose setting powder. What you may not hear about as much about is her palettes. I am obsessed with a good palette and one that focuses primarily on purple.. sold. Laura hand-selected every shade in the eye art artist’s palette which contains both matte & shimmer shadows. The colors are stunning & every color is perfectly pigmented (not dull or overly powdery). The 12 luxurious colors easily transition well from daytime to date-night makeup.


.:. Fiona Stiles ••• My favorite foundation, EVER. Mistake-proof makeup that comes in a huge variety of shades. The matte concentrate foundation absorbs oil, covers every imperfection, and lasts all day. These are incredibly long wearing and create a flattering “soft focus” effect on the skin and leave the most beautiful flawless finish. The sheer sculpting palette is fabulous for beginners and blends out seamlessly, with minimal effort. This line is exclusive to Ulta and everything is under $30, and worth every cent!


.:. Natasha Denona ••• Newly launched at Sephora, Natasha Denona creates one of the prettiest highlighters that will ever grace your cheeks, the all over glow face & body shimmer. Without the use of glitter, the smooth formula is buildable and leaves behind a natural, beautiful radiance on the skin. This is her best-selling product and hands down, one of my top 3 go-to highlighters.


.:. Jay Manuel Beauty ••• We all know him as a judge from America’s Next Top Model, but what you might not have known is that he’s a beauty expert and spent many years on both sides of the camera as a creative director, host, fashion correspondent and of course, MUA. His unique Filter Finish Collection is totally game-changing. It combines the combination of microspheres and real diamond dust to create a soft focus effect on the skin that fills & covers pores & fine lines and best of all.. looks completely natural! The luxe filter loose powder is my favorite product offered, I use this every single day alone or as a setting powder on top of foundation. Whether it’s worn alone or in addition to foundation this keeps your skin oil-free & your makeup flawlessly intact all day long.


.:. Mally Beauty ••• Mally Roncal created her “bulletproof” line of over 1000 products to empower women to celebrate the differences that make them beautiful. I’ve tried her foundation, lip glosses & several concealers and haven’t found a product I dislike yet. I’d have to say my favorite is the instant erase concealer. It has subtle peach undertones and contains vitamins E & C to nourish the skin while hiding every single flaw. Concealer is the #1 one element that can make or break a makeup look. Without it, we tend to overcompensate with foundation to hide dark circles and blemishes, or the total opposite can happen while using a heavy hand to apply, it can easily create a stark white under eye that looks caked-on. Not at all an issue with this, just smooth, effortlessly blended concealer that will put others to shame.


FYI * As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


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