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Tropical Travel Essentials :: My Trip to Miami!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement when packing for a trip that you end up over packing, wasting space and weighing down your suitcase with unnecessary items. I prefer to keep it as simple as possible and only bring a carry on with the essentials:

-magazines & books for entertainment
-phone/camera chargers & headphones
-a hairbrush (I’ve made the mistake of forgetting a hairbrush before)
-travel sized toiletries, go to Sephora and load up on free samples!!
-deodorant, hair products, toothpaste, makeup wipes, cleanser, lotion, sunscreen
-wallet with all needed documents (credit cards, license, passport etc)
-a hydrating sheet mask to relax on the plane and treat your skin
-tylenol and any necessary medications

-a bathing suit & romper – I am in love with the entire La Blanca Swimwear line, but my favorite swimsuit this year is the one-piece Tanzania Tribe Hi-Neck. And this Crochet Trim Romper was my #1 favorite outfit my entire trip. It’s so comfortable, stylish and flattering, I’m definitely getting it in black too! These will get a ton of use and are staples in my upcoming summer wardrobe.

-travel sized hairstyling tools – this mini dryer from Amika is probably more powerful than your full sized dryer, and their Movos Wireless Styler is also perfect for travel. They offer the same results and take up way less space than your full sized beauty tools. With the high heat in Miami I kept my hair styles as simple as possible, I used a quarter size amount of curl cream and the diffuser attachment on the blow dryer and spent less than 5 minutes creating natural beach waves that held up to the humidity.

A few extra tips: buy your magazines, Dramamine, neck pillows, etc. before you get to the airport, they mark their prices WAY up on everything. Eat a light meal before you travel to also avoid overpaying for airport food. Leave room in your carry on incase TSA needs to open your bag and check it for any reason. Be mindful of TSA guidelines when packing liquids and other such products. Don’t pack a different purse/pair of shoes for each outfit – totally unnecessary and such as waste of space!

Pictures from my trip to Miami:

The Royal Palm Hotel – such a convenient location (Collins Ave – a block away from Ocean Drive), friendly attentive staff, clean contemporary rooms, DEEP soaking tubs, two pools, complimentary beach chairs, towels and umbrellas, 2 in-house restaurants and a spa.

A Cortadito – Cuban food & coffee is a must in Miami. We didn’t have one bad meal there!

Ocean Drive – where we spent a majority of our time on South Beach. The art deco architecture is so unique.

South Pointe Pier – The views at sunset are absolutely amazing.


Casa Casuarina aka Versace’s Mansion – because… well why not?!


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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