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Ringly Smart Ring & Activity Tracker

I’ve owned several other pieces of technology equipped wearables, such as bracelets & watches but nothing quite as beautiful as Ringly! It’s a Bluetooth-equipped gemstone ring that alerts wearers to various smartphone notifications such as phone calls, text messages, lyft notifications, twitter notifications, etc. and is completely customizable down to the vibration patterns and flashing LED light colors. The ring connects to your phone via the Ringly app (for iOS & Andriod), it’s SO easy to use and select which notifications you want to be alerted for.


They offer a nice selection of rings and bracelets in various styles such as: black onyx, emerald, lapis, tourmalated quartz & rainbow moonstone. I chose the Dive Bar Tourmalated Quartz style, it’s both edgy & chic and I love wearing it daily! I consider this to be a pretty useful gadget that notifies me of everything that I consider important, (ie: calls/texts from family, facebook messages, priority emails). It’s essentially a modern day stylish pager for your finger, which is totally appreciated! My favorite aspect of this ring is the activity tracker – I FINALLY found one that works for me that I actually enjoy using! This one tracks your steps, distance & calories burned. It stores up to 4 days of activity tracking and honestly, I forget that I’m even wearing a tech gadget/activity tracker until I take off all of my jewelry at the end of the night and check the app to see my daily progress, which for me is a huge wake up call to get moving and step up my activity level.


Whether you’re someone who is stuck in work meetings all day or someone who prefers to not have their phone glued to their hand, you will find great use with this. And if you’re looking for a quality activity tracker but hate the common big bulky wrist bands, this may be your new best friend. The ring actually charges in the box is comes in and each charge lasts for about 24-48 hours. They don’t come in half sizes, so I recommend ordering a size up to be safe. I originally ordered a size 6 and it was a little tight, Ringly offered a hassle free return and the next size up fit me perfectly.


Final thoughts: this is the only “smart” wearable, I’d actually wear daily (and do!), and the only one I’ve worn consistently and find useful. NO, I am not affiliated with them nor am I receiving any form of payment for this, just a big fan of their rings and love their general concept.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

3 thoughts on “Ringly Smart Ring & Activity Tracker

  1. Hi do you possibly still have the app? The company evidently went out of biz and the app had been taken down so now i cant use mine… hoping you still have it if so plz let me know~~

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