LORAC Unzipped vs. Unzipped Gold

At first glance these palettes look pretty much the same, right? When put together side by side, you can easily see the difference, one is a collection of warm-toned, rose gold shades while the other are coppery, brownish distinctly gold shades. While many of the colors are comparable, I wouldn’t consider any to be “dupes” of one another.


Hopefully these swatches & photos give you a closer look and better understanding of the differences AND similarities between the Unzipped & Unzipped Gold palettes. Depending on your eye color or preferred color selection maybe you’ll favor one over the other, or maybe you’ll want both! 🙂



I was instantly drawn to the original Unzipped palette the first time I saw it. I stood in the Lorac aisle at Ulta and literally swatched every single shade, and it really was love at first sight (lol – makeup life!) As with all of Lorac’s palettes, the texture is really smooth & buttery soft and raved about constantly, with good reason. This palette contains a range of 10 matte, satin and glittery shades. Though the majority of the shades in this palette are satin, they offer a beautiful sheen that is so easy to work with and blends out beautifully. I find that the formula wears consistently throughout and last a solid 8-9 hours on primed lids. My personal favorites are: Unbelievable (coppery brown with a frosted metallic finish),  Unattainable (gold-shimmery bronze) & Unconditional (matte dusty pink/mauve).



Unzipped Gold is also a permanent addition to the Lorac collection. The biggest difference I noticed between this & the original Unzipped palette was that this one applied much smoother with a dampened brush. The metallic colors looked so much brighter and bolder and had much better color payoff. I would definitely use a light hand and delicate application with these as they are a really soft powdery consistency. And with foiled eye shadows on trend right now, this is a great option as the colors can be applied dry or wet and the end result is distinctly different. The only con is that Unzipped Gold seems to apply a little more patchy than the original when it came to the matte shades. My favorites are: Unpredictable (peachy color with a gold metallic sheen) & Unleashed (rich metallic copper).

While I do enjoy both palettes, I prefer the Unzipped palette over the Unzipped Gold. It offers a more even, consistent application and the colors just appeal to me more! The Unzipped Gold would probably suit deeper skin tones and darker eye colors beautifully.

http://www.loraccosmetics.com // http://www.ulta.com


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.



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