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March Favorites // Affordable Beauty Finds

A few new beauty finds from February/March that I’ve been loving – best part? They’re all budget friendly! 🙂


Broo .:. Moisturizing Shampoo, Conditioner + Body Wash »» Beer for your hair?! I was immediately intrigued by this idea. It’s totally random & kind of fits into the category of “unusual beauty products” but the results are well worth pursuing your curiosity. “Why beer? In the brewing process, malted barley releases B vitamins and proteins that nourish and condition hair, while hops flowers express their anti-oxidant rich essential oils to fight “hair” pollution.” In addition to beer, the shampoo and conditioner contain hydrating shea butter, soothing aloe leaf, and my favorite ingredient: caffeine! If you are not a fan of beer, don’t worry – this does NOT smell like strong beer, it’s a 100% natural scent of hop flowers, lavender & ylang ylang (2 of my faves!) The end result is shiny, moisturized, healthy hair for less than $12!


Beauty Blender .:. Blotterazzi Pro »» I know before I ordered this I saw a lot of people complaining that it was needlessly expensive and pointless, but I couldn’t disagree more. This is a staple in my purse and used multiple times a day. It’s a washable and reusable alternative to blotting papers, and is shaped to fit into all contours of your face. I’m no stranger to blotting papers but found them to be incredibly wasteful and didn’t work all that well. This contains a nice sized mirror, 2 cushion blotters that easily absorb excess oil in seconds without affecting the finish of your makeup. Whether you live somewhere with high humidity, sweat like crazy or just have oily skin, this is definitely a face saver. I am obsessed and will NEVER go back to traditional blotting papers, this makes such a difference.


Cargo Cosmetics .:. You had me at Aloha Eyeshadow Palette »» Feeding into my palette addiction with this new Hawaiian themed eyeshadow palette. This palette contains a combination of matte & shimmer shades and also includes a brush & black eyeliner. I love that it has neutral, everyday colors in addition to a few bold pops of color. Beautiful for Spring/Summer! Cargo shadows are super affordable and not talked about enough. My favorite shades: Kona (shimmer medium brown), Shell (shimmer light pink pearl) and Shaka (matte medium pink purple). The colors Kai (shimmer teal) & Lei (matte violet) are a unique addition to have in any eyeshadow collection. So excited to use this more to create fun, spring inspired looks!


Philosophy .:. Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin Tint »» I’ve tried several other new foundations recently in hopes to finding one that compares to my beloved Fiona Stiles Matte Foundation Concentrate, and this is the only one that’s even worth mentioning. I am beyond impressed with this and cannot recommend it enough! Its makeup AND skincare combined into one whipped water-gel formula that works amazing as a moisturizer and foundation (and contains SPF). The claims: a healthy shine-free glow that blurs fine lines & pores while offering buildable coverage. Not too often can I say that I fully agree with the claims, but with this I do. I dab this all over my face and blend it out with clean hands and it just melts into my skin and covers redness, blemishes and any uneven areas in seconds. I always apply a translucent powder overtop because of my skintype, but this really leaves behind a radiant glow without being the least bit oily. Lastly, another huge factor in finding a great foundation is the shades offered, this one comes in a range of 5, and shade beige (5.5) miraculously matches my skin color perfectly! It doesn’t oxidize, seperate, change colors or look orange or cakey in the least. This is my favorite beauty find in March and I cannot say enough good things about this product!


Yes To .:. Sheet Masks »» I’ve been trying several different products from Yes To recently, and was most impressed by their sheet masks. I did an entire blog post on the “sheet mask challenge” a few months back and was impressed to see that these offered the same benefits and results as some of the $20+ masks I used. Who else loves finding inexpensive skincare/makeup that is comparable to products that are 3, 4, 5 times the price?! I would have to say I liked the cucumber mask the best, it left my skin soft & soothed and there is something about the scent of cucumber that just reminds me of a fancy spa!


Too Cool For School .:. Pore Tightening Egg Cream Mask »» While sticking to the sheet mask topic, this is another great, affordable option. You will especially appreciate this if you have oily/combination skin. While this isn’t a miracle mask that will make your skin matte and your pores vanish, it does leave my skin tighter and smoother. It comes drenched in product and adheres really well. It does leave behind a sticky residue, so I prefer to wet my face with warm water (just a little) and pat it dry afterwards and then continue on with my usual nightly routine.


Pixi Beauty .:. Beauty Sleep Cream & Makeup Fixing Mist »» This is the only makeup setting spray I’ve used in months. I used the UD setting spray for years and just got tired of paying the high price and having to replenish way too often. This contains a lot more product and costs half. I prefer using 1-2 spritzes before applying foundation, and an additional 1-2 after and then follow with a light/translucent powder. It helps set my makeup and keep everything intact even on those long 10+ hour days. It contains rose water & green tea and is paraben free. I’ve also enjoying using Pixi’s Beauty Night Cream; I’m really picky when it comes to night creams and any hydrating cream in general. I prefer something really light that still packs a huge punch of moisture without feeling too heavy or greasy. This one contains mango butter, lavender oil, lemon oil & bergamot oil and is really calming and helps balance skin tone & texture really well.


Spongelle .:. Shimmer Collection »» Despite having three unused Spongelle’s pictured above, I’ve already gone through two over the last two months or so. It’s a shimmer body buffer that’s ideal for exfoliating, massaging & cleansing skin. I really like the fragrances included, they’re strong without being too overpowering. The exfoliating with these is really gentle but effective. One sponge usually lasts me about 3 weeks to a month or so with daily use. The actual shimmer part was subtle and only lasted about 2 uses for me. Even after I started noticing the suds and fragrance start to disappear I just added additional body wash to it and continued to use it until I felt it was time to replace. It’s a convenient, easy way to pamper yourself each morning!


Repechage .:. Fusion Matchafina Cleansing Mask »» Not only is it great for a boost of energy, but the benefits of matcha green tea for skin are massive as well! And, it’s no secret that matcha masks work wonders for oily skin. This one combines three deep cleansing clays (kaolin, illite & diatomaceous earth) in addition to seaweed and Matcha Green Tea to improve skins overall tone and texture. It applies really thick, but if you want it thinner and foamier, just add a tiny bit of warm water. I leave it on for about 10 minutes so it doesn’t fully harden or dry. It leaves my skin feeling smooth & refreshed and absorbs every trace of oil. Repechage also sells a berryfina & chocofina masks that sound pretty interesting as well.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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