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Dafni Hair Straightening Brush – Gimmicky or Great?!

Gone are the days of spending hours on hours of trying to tame wild hair. Dafni may have answered all of our hair dreams by creating a brush that tames, straightens and de-frizzes hair in less time than your trusty hair straightener ever has. I saw pictures & videos floating around on the internet a while back and was definitely a skeptic on whether this was just another gimmicky product that promises amazing results but doesn’t deliver.


I’ve put the Dafni brush to the ultimate test over the last month of using this solely to straighten my hair and can say that I am impressed. How does it work? It has a 3D ceramic head that heats to the ideal temperature of 185 degrees Celsius – the bristles are spaced proportionately to evenly distribute heat and glide through your hair without tugging or damaging it.


I love how easy it is to use and most importantly, how much time it saves me each morning. As a mom of two, primping my hair and makeup isn’t exactly at the top of my list most days (although I wish it was!). It claims to work for every hair type; your hair just needs to be combed first & completely dry. For the best results start at your roots and pull it through slowly. I find that going through each section 2-3 times worked best. The brush head is pretty big so it covers a nice sized area each time. It doesn’t snag hair; it doesn’t burn your scalp and the temperature stays consistent the entire use, so rest assured if you’re concerned about frying your hair.

The Results:

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All in all, it takes me about 4 minutes to fully straighten my hair with the Dafni brush, and that includes the 40 (or so) seconds it takes to heat up. It doesn’t leave my hair poker straight like a traditional flat iron, but it definitely straightens and smooths while giving my hair body & definition. I am enjoying being able to get ready for work each morning without the hassle of a lengthy hair routine. This gets the job done quickly & efficiently and this busy mom is completely hooked.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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