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Single Eyeshadows + Small Palette Collection

unnamed-10You already know I LOVE eyeshadows, for as long as I can remember it’s always been my makeup obsession! I wrote about my palette collection a year or so ago and eyeshadow palettes always seem to get all the love on YouTube and blogs so lets shed some light on all the fabulous eyeshadow singles & small, travel-sized palettes.


Naked Cosmetics Naturally Nude Collection ••• I am most excited to talk about these loose pigments. They are 100% oxidized mica mineral powder, contain no talc, oils, waxes or any fillers, just pure, rich pigments. I love everyday, basic “nude” colors, they’re what I reach for most and love having these in my collection. They do not contain a sifter thing to limit the amount of powder that comes out, so be warned when opening them. I find the color payoff is the best when these are applied wet, they look much more intense and the beautiful colors really pop. They blend well, look beautiful and last all day long.


Le Metier de Beaute ••• The shade Corinthian is one of my all-time favorite shades out of all the single eyeshadows I own, which says a lot. The color is a complex cross of bronze, purple(ish) & taupe and is very complimentary to light colored eyes. The formula is buttery soft that layers beautifully with any shadows you pair it with. I also love the shade Alexandrite, it’s a deep plum that applies effortlessly which is nice to see being that purples are a really hard color to get right when it comes to consistent pigmentation, and this one is up to par. Also pictured, the lightest of the three; Rose Champagne.


Jillian Dempsey Lid Tints ••• She brought an effortless, laid back approach to the beauty industry by creating her *no-brush required* luxury line of lid tints that use only naturally sourced, organic ingredients. It’s a chic, dewy, modern take on the ever so famous runway makeup style. They are a unique formula of skin-loving ingredients: coconut oil & shea butter and also contain cornstarch to help the color stay crease-free, all day long, even in hot weather. Lid Tints can be applied with a soft feathery brush or better yet, just a gentle sweeping motion of your fingers. These are totally mistake-proof and offer a sheer tint of color with a smooth, glossy sheen. They make for a great base for powder eyeshadows for added dimension and lasting power or their own for a beautiful soft glow. I like to wear these on their own for a natural, weightless modern look that takes no effort and no time to create.


Stowaway Cosmetics Smokey Eye Palette ••• It seems like every new palette release is centered towards warmer shades, it’s nice to see a cool-toned smokey-eye palette and one that is this cute! This palette is the smallest I’ve ever seen, it’s credit card sized and is surprisingly really good. The lighter colors are beautiful for day-time and it’s so convenient to throw this in your purse and deepen the shades for a night out (amazing for touch-ups as well). The colors apply easily and blend out very well.


Smashbox Cover Shot Ablaze Palette ••• ”Rich red clay and hot terra cotta, this palette captures the warmth of the desert in a range of sun-drenched shades—these dimensional pigments are perfect for adding depth and contouring.” I had 2 other cover shot palettes that I passed along to friends as I didn’t find myself reaching for them often enough. Warm-toned shadows are on trend right now and these are absolutely gorgeous. Three really pigmented mattes and six shimmers with a smooth, satin finish. Every color included blends out beautifully and truly complements one another and just looks so pretty once applied.


Nudestix Magnetic Eye Pencils ••• Long- wearing, intense color, easy to blend and VERY, very long wearing. Terra is my favorite, it does NOT smudge or move ALL DAY LONG, waterproof makeup remover is needed to get this stuff off. Not even exaggerating, I use this as eyeliner and smudge it out or on the outer corner of my eye to smoke out my eyeshadow. The tiniest amount of this is needed to achieve results. Use a light hand and minimal product to avoid overdoing it. I was really surprised at how pigmented these actually are and the smooth opaque, rich color payoff offered.


Clarins A Summer in the Tropics Palette ••• This palette looks SO beautiful in the packaging but I was SO disappointed in the quality. The only way I got any pigmentation at all with this was to wet my brush first and dig into the pans and even that didn’t make any of the colors pop. I’m keeping this solely because I think the orange color is beautiful but the other shades don’t impress me at all!


Wander Beauty Eye Liquid Shadows ••• I loved the color Champagne so much, when I ran out I restocked! And as someone with loads of makeup, it’s not too often that I actually use up a single product so that alone explains how much I love this eyeshadow. It’s the easiest thing in the world to apply and my favorite addition to my makeup travel bag!


Urban Decay ••• Urban Decay, where to start?! I think most people can agree that one of the Naked palettes was their first ever high end eyeshadow palette purchase. I know it was for me! This was my first time trying out their single shadows and the quality is just as good as their cult-favorite palettes. My favorite shades are; Smokeout, Thunderbird, Freelove, Blonde and Chains. They’re all really complimentary to any eye color and blend out like a dream.


Cargo Cosmetics ••• Next to Cargo’s blush collection being my favorite, their eyeshadows are are my next choice. Though these aren’t bold intensely pigmented shades, I do find with a little blending and layering the color can be built up. The shade Toronto makes for a great brow bone highlight, Provence is a beautiful understated purple, I love purple shades and this one is toned-down and is staple in my summer makeup bag. And my most used one, St.Tropez is great as an all-over lid shade, throw it in your bag and you’re good to go with this shade alone!


Nomad Cosmetics x Marrakesh ••• I think I found this brand through Ipsy. Behind Nomad is a husband and wife team who love cosmetics & traveling and decided to combine them to capture unique, local beauty trends throughout the world. The shades pictured: Desert Sands, Golden Mosque and Jardin Majorelle. I love finding new, lesser known indie brands. This little travel-sized trio also comes with a travel-sized mascara and retails for $17 which is less than one single shadow of a big named beauty brand costs.


Paul & Joe Beauty Limited Edition Eye Color ••• Another product I wanted strictly for the packaging & cool design. What’s my obsession with pretty packaging? Although this little palette isn’t my top choice it’s definitely not a total dud either. This wasn’t my first time trying Paul & Joe so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this palette compared to a handful of other products of theirs I’ve previously tried. I find that this formula applies best with your fingertips or a brush soaked in setting spray. I love using a dab of the golden color right in the center of my lid overtop of matte shades to brighten up my eyes.



FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


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