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RealHer Cosmetics – Makeup That Inspires & Empowers Women

Who else is bored of seeing the same products/companies receive praise day after day?! I’m starting to branch out from the typical Sephora brands and research companies that I’ve never heard of or are new to me. Don’t get me wrong, hand me the newest Lorac palette, and I’m all over it, but it’s time we start to recognize the smaller companies that aren’t talked about enough.

This specific company stood out to me because they donate 20% of all profits to charities that empower women. And on top of that their slogan is “makeup that inspires”, who couldn’t use an extra boost of confidence when getting ready? 🙂


[[ I Will Succeed // Matte Liquid Lipstick ]] :: What is my obsession with nude lip shades? No matter how many different variations I have, I keep collecting more! This one isn’t a super light match your lips kind of nude. It’s a little deeper and looks almost mauve on my lips. The formula is lightweight and it doesn’t feel overly drying like many liquid lipsticks tend to do.


[[ I Am A Rockstar // Lip Plumping Gloss ]] :: Liquid lipstick, metallic lipstick, lip oils, lip balm… I’d give them all up for a really good lip gloss. Lip gloss has always been my go-to and this one is a pretty neutral pink everyday color, and it’s plumping.. yes please. And the name.. how awesome? We’re all rockstars and need to remind ourselves of that more often!


[[ Be Your Own Kind of Beauty Palette // I Feel Beautiful Palette ]] :: I’m a sucker for a new eyeshadow palette and these two caught my eye. Be Your Own Kind of Beauty is your average nude palette containing a few mattes and mostly metallic sheen shades. I prefer the I Feel Beautiful palette, it has a little bit more variety with the beautiful pop of purple. The metallic shades apply smoother and more evenly than the mattes, but with a good primer these will stay put on your eyelids all day long. I love the selection, the quality and the beautiful meaning behind their makeup.


I swatched my three favorite colors from each palette. They’re buttery smooth and richly pigmented and look even better on your eyes. Shout-out to RealHer for empowering women and reminding us to feel beautiful inside & out. Xo.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


5 thoughts on “RealHer Cosmetics – Makeup That Inspires & Empowers Women

  1. I just discovered your blog and I honestly cannot thank you enough for bringing this beauty brand to my attention! Many hyped-up makeup products are amazing, but I love learning about new brands, and since this one is about empowering women, I definitely want to support it and learn more about their products. Thanks again for the amazing review and beautiful photos. Keep up the great work and I genuinely appreciate your blog! xoxo

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