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Artis Brush Cleansing Foam + Pad – Worth the Splurge?!

I never write negative reviews on my page – there’s enough negativity already spread all over the internet daily, I like to keep it light & positive here. And I also think it’s a waste to take the time to sit down and bash a product or a brand. Just not my style. But I’m inclined to talk about this product despite not totally loving it.


I love, LOVE Artis as a brand and think their unique oval shaped brushes changed the game of self makeup artistry. Yes, they’re that good. So good that there are tons and tons of companies out there who’ve knocked off their idea for a fraction of the cost. Some are alright, some are awful but Artis has it mastered from the brush density, softness and quality over anyone else.


[[ Take note of that dirty brush water ^^ – clearly this was overdue!! ]]

This on the other hand… it’s just needlessly expensive. To be quite honest I didn’t think it even cleaned my brush that well. I watched their YouTube tutorial before using it to make sure I used it correctly without wasting any product and was less than impressed. The cleaning pad isn’t bad, but you can easily get the same result with a plain towel. A bowl of dawn dish soap (1 tsp) + 1 cup of warm water is my preferred method of cleaning all of my brushes and costs pennies. Not writing this to complain about the product, more so to encourage anyone who’s on the fence about buying this to save your money! It’s not horrible, I’d just recommend spending your money their brushes over the cleansing products. If you already have this system and love it, by all means – rock on. Have any tips or tricks on cleaning your makeup brushes? Send them my way! Xo.

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