Deck of Scarlet 04 – Palette Subscription Service

Have you ever found something.. anything, and thought it was made just for you?! I recently discovered Deck of Scarlet, and no truer words could be spoken in this case. It’s a bi-monthly subscription service that delivers a unique palette packed with eyeshadows, face powders and lip colors created by top bloggers & YouTubers. I am a palette junkie and think this idea is brilliant and totally worthwhile.


The latest palette (04) was designed with YouTuber Melly Sanchez. With over 300k subscribers, her channel was new to me, but I am always looking for new faces and techniques to learn from, and am glad I came across her page.


Unlike so many other eye palettes that contain 15, 20, 25+ shades, this one only contains 3. So you may look at it and either see a color for your crease, lid and outer corner.. or you may not know where to start or how to pull these colors together. Upon opening this, I was inspired to create something different and step out of my neutral “nude” brown shades and try something new. I went on YouTube right away and watched Melly’s tutorial and pulled some ideas.


The quality is great and consistent across the board. Both the dual-ended lip colors and the lip shades in the palette are creamy and comfortable to wear, Sasha is one of those “your lips but better” shades and Maria is bold but a unique color to have. Both face powders are super wearable, I love the highlight Pinot Grigio, I hate the overly pigmented, glittery highlights, this one is smooth and adds a subtle glow without looking over the top. And the eye shades are really fun and not your average everyday nude shades we see in the majority of eyeshadow palettes. I love using the blush shade Adorable on both my cheeks + eyes. It’s become one of my daily staples since getting this palette.unnamed-6Crease Color: Adorable / Lid Color + Brow Bone: Pinot Grigio / Outer V: New York / Lip Color: Sasha

If you’re looking for a truly unique subscription service and are palette obsessed, you will most definitely fall hard in love with this! Xo.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


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