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Testing New *Weird* Beauty Tools / Woosh Beauty + Silicone Blenders

Is anyone else intrigued by all of these uniquely “weird” beauty tools that are out?! I am always up for trying out different, new-to-me things because you never know when you’re going to find your new favorite “go-to” products. And what may look like gimmicky may end up being something awesome! Heres the latest new beauty tools I’ve tried:



NuYu Silisponge & E.L.F. Glitter Silicone Blender ::: I’ve seen these all over Instagram & YouTube and definitely was curious how they worked/performed. My #1 tool for foundation is a damp beauty sponge (I currently use E.L.F. & Givenchy), if I’m looking for fuller coverage I resort to using my BlendSmart rotating brush or Artis Oval 8. But the thought of something less prone to bacteria & so simple to clean.. well, what’s not to love?! I first tried the NuYu Silisponge and my foundation was the streakiest it has ever looked. It was bad. SO – I decided to try a different brand and see if there was any difference.. sadly, the results with the E.L.F. blender were the same. I cannot get these to work for me! It could be a “user error” but after using these several times I just don’t see how they’d apply product as efficiently as something like traditional brush or a beauty sponge that sucks up excess product. If you use a silicone beauty applicator and love it.. share your secrets! But, for now I think I’ll stick with my tried & true brushes & sponges!


Woosh Beauty Corner Brush Eye Stamper ::: Now this is something I can work with! If you’re a pro at creating flawless eyeshadow & the perfect cat eye than this is totally unnecessary but if you’re someone who could use a little help at creating an even, precise outer “V” shape with eyeshadow than this is for you. The bristles are on the stiffer side, but I find pressing it on and creating an outline and then going in to deepen the color and blend out the lines works best. It’s helped me a whole lot and is great if you have hooded eyes!


Woosh Beauty Even Eye Stencils ::: Who else is guilty of using plain ole’ scotch tape under their eyes to get the perfect eye look without getting eyeshadow ALL over your face?! These are great for applying even, balanced eyeshadow while helping to avoid excess fallout, and also give you a guide for extending your brows without going too far and they’re made of medical grade silicone. I definitely recommend using these before applying foundation so it doesn’t effect the finish of your already set under eye area. While these aren’t my favorite product from Woosh (I am in love with their Fold Out Face Palette), they’re not bad and could be useful to someone who struggles with balancing their eyeshadow.

What cool new beauty tools have you tried?! I’ve seen a bunch of new foundation tools so we may need to go down that route next! Xo.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


One thought on “Testing New *Weird* Beauty Tools / Woosh Beauty + Silicone Blenders

  1. This is the first time I use Woosh eye stencils product. Bought it for my daughter to try if it could save some time on making up. There are three different shape stamps help you draw easily and quickly! It looks funny but effective! My daughter likes it and tried again and again!

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