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The BEST of Flower Beauty // My Favorites!

I can honestly say that Flower Beauty is one of the ONLY brands I’ve tried that I have enjoyed using every single product of theirs that I’ve used. I raved about their latest lip collections and now I’m here to share the best of the best from the line. If you’ve had your eye on one of their products and are on the fence on whether or not to purchase – definitely go for it. All of these products compare to much more expensive brands and perform just as good, if not better than some.



BB Cream 4-in-1 Skin Solution // $14 ::: I wrote about this in my foundations for oily skin post. This is nothing like you’d expect from a BB cream. Most BB creams I’ve tried lean more on the lighter tinted moisturizer side and tend to only offer light to medium at most coverage. I’ve used many full coverage foundations that don’t cover nearly as well as this! The 4-in-1 claim is that it is both a concealer + foundation that minimizes pores, hides shine, and evens out discoloration. I 100% agree – other than it minimizing pores.. I didn’t really notice a huge difference in that area but it covers any discoloration, unevenness, acne scares unlike any other BB or CC cream I’ve ever used. This applies best with a damp beauty sponge and works best with a mattifying primer & setting powder to keep skin shine-free for more than 5+ hours.



Lift & Sculpt Contouring Palette // $14 ::: I’ve been reaching for face palettes over individual products a lot lately. I like the convenience and feel like its just a lot easier and a time saver. This palette comes in two shades, light to medium and medium to dark and has shades for contouring, blush and highlighting. I am a HUGE fan of Flower Beauty’s blushes, they were my favorite blushes of 2017. While I prefer the shades Peach Primrose & Sweet Pea in their Flower Pots Powder Blushes, this color is pretty as well. The highlighter is super intense and the contour can be as well. So my only piece of advice is to go light handed with these powders as they are incredibly pigmented and can look “heavy” if you apply too much.





Shimmer & Shade Eyeshadow Palettes // $16 ::: Pictured are the Cool Natural and Warm Natural palettes. Not only are these amazing for the price, but incredibly pigmented and buttery smooth overall. These most definitely compare to higher end products vs various drug store brands. I am so impressed. These can be a bit powdery but if you tap off the excess powder they apply beautifully without any patchiness or other downfalls you see in drugstore brands. These are some of the softest eyeshadows I’ve ever used and 100% recommend these whether you’re looking to save some money on your next eyeshadow purchase or just looking for a new palette that blends well and lasts.


Flower Pots Powder Blushes // $10 ::: Although it’s tough to narrow it down, these are my favorite products offered from Flower Beauty. As mentioned above they were my favorite blushes for the entire year of 2017 and these were actually probably the least expensive blushes I used out of 30+ that I have, and they completely blow all of the crazy expensive ones I have out of the water. Peach Primrose and Sweet Pea are my favorites. The packaging is super cute and ideal if you travel a lot and the formula is really buildable.

What are your faves from Flower Beauty?! Xo. //


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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