NYX In Your Element AIR Eyeshadow Palette

Who else loves wearing fun pops of color during the Spring & Summer?! I’m a neutral kind of girl through and through, but there is something about the warmer months that makes me want to bring out all my brighter blushes & highlighters and bold eyeshadows.


When I first saw the NYX In Your Element AIR palette I was reminded of the LORAC I Love Brunch palette which I recently decluttered. I loved the color selection, but felt like every time I used it, everything blended into one color and it was just too light and subtle for me. So, I liked the idea of it more than actually using it. This is similar in color selection, but I feel like the tones are deeper, its more pigmented overall and there is a distinct difference in each shade.


It’s a good mix of mattes & shimmers but I wouldn’t say the formula is consistent throughout. The mattes are way better and the shimmers take a lot more work to build up. As with pretty much all metallic/shimmer eyeshadows, I find they apply best with your fingers. To get the color payoff seen in the swatches above, I had to build them up quite a bit, otherwise they apply a lot more subtle and light.


My favorite way to use this palette – a neutral crease color from another palette (I love Nudie from the Too Faced Natural Love palette or 1988 from the PUR x Etienne palette), apply one of the matte shades all over the lid (I love the pastel green), and then apply one of the Stila Magnificent Metals Eye Glitter’s over top for added shine. Although there aren’t enough neutral shades for me to make this a complete everyday palette, it’s a fun option if you’re looking to add some pops of color to your collection.



FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


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