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Trying out Lime Crime For the First Time // Venus III, Plushies & Hi-Lite Palette

There seems to be a new eyeshadow palette release like every week now, and I am not complaining about that, I am all about a new palette and having more options but warm-tones are on trend and have been for a while now, and the majority of new releases all start to look the same. I was so excited to stumble upon the Lime Crime Venus III palette. It’s so different than any other combination of shades I’ve seen. Cool tones, purples, iridescent shimmer, yes, yes and yes. This was my first time trying out anything from the Lime Crime brand so that added to the excitement!



There are 8 shades in total and 5 different finishes; matte, shimmer matte, iridescent shimmer, glow (satin) and metallic. With this palette, I actually prefer the matte shades over anything else. The shimmer shades are beautiful and the color selection is really unique but they do require layering to get decent opacity. When applied directly with a dry brush they appear as more of a glitter topper, a wet brush works better and directly with your finger seems to work the best (as usual with these type of textures).


Every look I’ve created using this palette starts with Dreamy as my trasition/crease color. It’s the perfect mauve/pink and blends out effortlessly. Both Beam and Heavenly make great all over lid shades but both were a little difficult to work with and appeared more glittery than anything and have a bit of a chunkier consistency that doesn’t work well with a brush alone. The rest of the shades were good, Beloved being one of my favorites as it is a beautiful shade to throw on when you’re not looking to use a lot of eyeshadows but want a little something.


I also have been using the Hi-Lite Highlighter Palette in Opal. I’m pretty basic when it comes to highlighter, I always tend to reach for a typical champagne too keep it neutral, subtle but add just a hint of luminescence. This palette contains pink, gold & peach shades and despite what you’d expect from the bright holographic packaging, they’re totally wearable and even suitable for those of us who don’t like super colorful highlighters. These are intensely pigmented so only a little bit is needed to create a really pretty summer glow.



I’ve mentioned before that liquid lipsticks aren’t really my thing, I prefer a plumping gloss over anything.  I will say though, that these are super budge proof and last for hours. I applied the Plushie shade in Turkish Delight (sheer dusty rose) and layered a clear gloss overtop and the color remained on my lips for a lot longer than I expected. The Matte Velvetines are their original liquid matte lipsticks and are infused with a french vanilla infused formula and are also super long lasting. I find that applying a lip balm a few minutes before applying a liquid lipstick helps them feel less drying and more comfortable.



FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

5 thoughts on “Trying out Lime Crime For the First Time // Venus III, Plushies & Hi-Lite Palette

  1. This brand has such pretty shadows and lipsticks but I don’t see much from them on line anymore. This is a nice reminder to take a peek at their new goodies!!


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