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Goodbeing August 2018 Subscription Box

Goodbeing is a natural and organic wellness & beauty box. Each box is carefully curated with your customized beauty profile in mind, and unlike most subscription services, you even have the option to choose several products. And, no, you’re not given the option to chose from a small handful of tiny trial sizes, they have a selection of 60+ non-toxic products which I thought was impressive and got me more excited for this months box!


:: My August 2018 personalized Goodbeing Box ::


Rutz Naturals • In Your Face // $28 ::: Out of everything included this is probably my favorite. It’s a facial elixir mist infused with spa-like essential oils. This product helps fight acne, fights excessive oil, reduces inflammation and can even be used as a makeup setting spray. AND it’s infused with Reiki energy, so it’s just good vibes all around! I prefer to use on my “at home spa nights”. A hot bath, tea, my favorite face masks + this mist = ultimate relaxation.


Elan Veda • All Headache Essential Oil Blend // $10 ::: I’ve mentioned multiple times here on my blog about how I’ve suffered with headaches (and migraines) for as long as I can remember. I am ALWAYS up for trying the latest & greatest products aimed to help. I’m a big believer in natural remedies and essential oils, so you know I had to choose this! All Headache is a blend of oils specifically created to effectively ease pain, while releasing a soothing, calming scent. The oil blend consists of: Eucalyptus oil, Peppermint oil, Helichrysum Italicum, Spruce oil, Lavender Spike oil, Ginger oil, Birch oil and Sandalwood oil. A few drops of this applied to my temples & a cold towel across my forehead have been my go-to’s for headache relief.


NKD SKN • Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturizer // $2.99 ::: So, this is the only product I haven’t tried yet, mainly because I’m still hanging on to whats left of the tan I got while in Florida last month. However, for the last year or so, the NKD SKN mousse has been the only product I’ve used for self-tanning. I do prefer a mousse over a lotion (just personal preference) and think it gives a somewhat natural looking tan (not excessively orange) and love that it’s derived from all natural ingredients.


Bella Pierre Cosmetics • Mineral Foundation // $28.88 ::: This is the product I was most curious about because I think it’s difficult to find a great foundation option thats all natural and organic. This foundation contains only four ingredients; Mica, Zinc Oxides, Iron Oxides and Titanium Dioxide. I think it’s great if you like a more natural finish, light/medium coverage (I hate heavy, super full coverage, mask-like foundations) or can be used as a setting powder over top of a BB cream or liquid foundation if you prefer more. This applies SO easy with a flat top kabuki brush blended in small circular motions. I’m a fan.


Suntegrity • Vanish Organic Cleansing Oil // $8 ::: The older I get the more I appreciate the importance of sunscreen. So I am definitely going to check out the product line from this company once my current sunscreen runs out. While I usually stray away from oil-based skincare, this one doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin or contribute to any excess oil. It contains antioxidant rich rose hips, echinacea, organic olive, sunflower, jojoba and camellia oils and smells like sweet orange.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.



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