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Sola Look Grease 40th Anniversary “Pink Ladies” Palette

Entertainment themed makeup is a trend and the indie brand Sola Look is no stranger to it. For the 40th anniversary of the prominent film – Grease, Sola Look created a Pink Ladies themed palette that is perfect for “those Summer nights” and will give diehard Grease fans everywhere chills.


The palette contains ten beautiful eyeshadows, all with fitting names: Too Pure, Blonde Pineapple, Summer Lovin’, So Pink, Electrifyin’, Peachy Keen, Heartbreak, Beauty School, Frosty Palace and Jelly Bean.


This palette celebrates the iconic Pink Ladies from Rydell High; Rizzo, Jan, Marty & Frenchy. It’s a fully shimmer palette packed with an array of pastels from pink to peach to blues and golds. From shade names to the “P” and “L” embossments, and of course the imagery and packaging itself, Sola Look did not miss a single beat. Every detail is accounted for. And the formula? That’s good too. While these are crazy pigmented they offer a sheer but buildable splash of color that looks even better when applied directly with your fingertips or a damp brush. I love that they included a few colorful shades but kept enough neutrals to make this palette wearable everyday.


Whether you grew up watching Grease decades ago or discovered it years later, this palette will transport you to Rydell High and illuminate your lids with some of the prettiest pops of color that even the Pink Ladies themselves would appreciate! Xo.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


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