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Kat Von D Beauty New Launches + Vegan Love Palette

Although Kat Von D has been the center of controversy lately, there is no denying that her brand releases a lot of amazing products. I was excited to try out some of her latest launches and find a new favorite that I now use every single day.



Kitten Mini Shade + Light Contour Duo ::: My most used contour powder to date has been the Kat Von D Contour Powder in Shadowplay. I schlepped around the entire Shade + Light Palette for that shade alone. For the longest time that palette dominated the market when it came to contouring (and still is one of THE best). It has such a wide range of shades suitable for many… but most of us could only get away with using 1-2 for our skin tones. It was long overdue and much appreciated to see mini version released in 3 shades (that are less than half the price of the full palette): Light (Lucid & Sombre), Medium (Lyric & Shadowplay) and Deep (Levitation & Subconscious). I have it in Medium and still find that after almost 2 years of using Shadowplay, it is still the only contouring powder I reach for. And it’s mini size makes it fabulous for traveling or throwing in your makeup bag to-go.


Lock-It Powder Foundation ::: I may change my mind when Summer hits and it’s 90+ degrees out and I want to wear the most minimal amount of makeup possible, but this is my current go-to favorite setting powder. Yes, it’s a foundation and yes you will get light to medium coverage if worn alone, but if you lightly layer it overtop of a medium coverage foundation (or any foundation for that matter) it will give you the most natural looking full coverage, shine-free finish. I’m obsessed. On days I want to wear minimal makeup, I apply the tiniest amount of Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation, a tiny dab of concealer only over areas that need it, followed by this powder gently dabbed focusing mainly on my t-zone. It’s my current favorite combo and makes my skin look so good without feeling heavy. I was torn on whether I liked this powder or the Lock-It Finishing Powder (which was my favorite for the longest time), and I think I prefer this more. It gives the same mattifying effect with a little more coverage and allows me to use less liquid foundation in return. I love it!



Vegan Love Eyeshadow Palette ::: 10 bold, colorful vegan shades in an all new formula featuring a range of different sheens and finishes. I’ve had this palette for about a month and it’s taken me a little while to form an opinion mainly because these aren’t my typical everyday shades. It’s not everyday you reach for a bright mustard yellow or vibrant red, especially when you work from home and barely leave your house.. know what I mean?! 😉 Although I don’t wear a ton of colorful eyeshadows, I know that it’s difficult to find a completely vegan formula especially when it comes to reds & purples. And, not only is it carmine-free but these are safe for use on the eyes unlike many pressed pigments that are similar in finish. The best part about this palette is that they’re donating 20% of the retail price to Mercy for Animals, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals. //


Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


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