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Makeup Geek Beautifully Bare Face Palette

I am always on the lookout to see when Makeup Geek launches something new. I am a huge fan of Marlena and have been a supporter of her brand for years! One of their most recent launches comes in palette form and is a steal for less than $25! I love that MUG is so affordable and even more so now that they’re available in Target! 🙂

This 3-in-1 Beautifully Bare Face Palette comes in three shade ranges: light, medium & deep and contains a blush, bronzer & highlighter. The Light palette contains: Bliss Blush (peach with a pearl finish), Sunkissed Bronzer (nude bronzer with pearl finish) and Psychedelic Duochrome Highlighter (peach base with pink duochrome reflects). I was torn between selecting the light vs the medium palette and am glad I chose the light version as I think the bronzer shade better suits my skin tone and will work year round even after my summer tan starts to fade away. I love a good multi-purpose face palette – one that contains just what’s needed to create a full face without any extra unusable shades. I’ve decluttered so many palettes that I only got use of 1-2 shades and the rest sat unused and wasted. Not the case with this, these all suit my skin tone well and the pan sizes are massive so this will last a loooong time.

All of the powders are easy to work with, very blendable and long lasting. I LOVE this bronzer. Aside from my never ending blush obsession, I’ve been really into bronzers lately. One of my favorite things about summer is having a tan, and thankfully mine has lasted all season long. However, most of my foundations are on the lighter side so I’ve been relying on bronzers to even everything out and maintain my sunkissed glow and this one does so beautifully and has the perfect undertone (not too orange, but not ashy either). I am also surprised with how much I enjoy this highlighter. Most days I skip the highlighter completely but love how pretty this looks applied to my cheeks. This also adds to the pretty, glowy summer skin look that I’m loving!

And although these shades aren’t exclusive to this palette, they’re at a significant savings when purchased in palette form and they’re a good way to try out the MUG formula without spending more or a great addition if you’ve already used and love the brand.


Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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