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How To Organize Your Spice Cabinet – Kitchen Inspiration

This week we are repainting our kitchen cabinets and I have been in total Marie Kondo mode cleaning and organizing all of my dishes, glasses, pantry items and spices. And while doing so I came across this spice box I’ve had sitting in a cabinet unused for years.

Don’t ask me why I’ve hung on to it for this long. I guess I always saw myself refilling the spices (the original ones expired a while ago) and putting it to use again. Although this specific spice box is no longer available, I’ve seen similar styles available on Amazon. Mason jars or any streamlined style work just fine as well.

First things first, check expiration dates and toss anything that’s no longer good. Then, depending on the size of your spice box or amount of jars you have, narrow down your most used spices and pour them into each designated area. You can get really creative with this and print out pretty labels – I kept it simple and used what I have on hand. I may update the labels eventually but for now this works. And since this won’t hold all of my spices, I’ve found glass jars with wooden tops to match that will store the rest.

I also wrote down the expiration dates for each spice and taped the paper to the bottom for reference. This isn’t so much of a “how-to” but a very easy DIY inspirational post for anyone whose looking to get organized and is looking for ideas!

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