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BroglieBox – Self Care Delivered

Starting off the new year with something near and dear to my heart – self care. It’s important, it’s necessary and it’s something that everyone should make time for themselves to do. Whether it be at the gym, the spa, at home taking a hot bath, reading or enjoying nature, it’s so important to take time to yourself and regroup your thoughts, relax and put yourself first. I am always on the search for the latest & greatest wellness related products and brands that cater to this category and I recently came across BroglieBox.

I watched a video of BroglieBox founder Julia Broglie discussing her own experience dealing with mental health and the devastating loss of her brother to suicide. She created BroglieBox to help others who are managing stress to better cope with it and includes educational resources, and evidence based tools to maintain mental health in each box.

This box is sent out quarterly and contains a carefully curated selection of resources and tools that are meant to help anyone who could use a pick me up and an all-encompassing self-care kit. The Winter 2019 box contained a good selection of some really fun products, all which will be getting a ton of use this season.

BrainJuice Daily Shots ::: One of the products I found to be the most unique are these daily BrainJuice green tea based shots. They’re packed with organic superfoods such as organic açaí, organic blueberries and contain all natural vitamins B5, B6, B12 and vitamin C. I found the science behind these so fascinating. Their site explains how diet & lifestyle choices deplete essential neurotransmitters which leads to stress, anxiety, lack of energy and concentration. These were created to combat the effects by using ingredients that directly repair the damage, and replenish the neurotransmitters allowing you to feel more focused and in a better mood. Really interesting stuff, I am so glad to have found these and loved seeing them in this box!

VeriLux HappyLight Lumi ::: While this isn’t my first time trying out a light therapy lamp, I’m glad it was included in the box. I gave my mom my other lamp and she used it pretty much every day last winter. If you live somewhere where it is cold, snows a lot or is just gloomy all winter long, you’ve more than likely experienced seasonal depression or at the very least know of someone who has. This light is meant to be used as a sunlight substitute to help with energy and sleep patterns and help fight the winter blues. While nothing compares to natural sunshine, I find that using this mid-afternoon when you’re on the verge of making another cup of coffee did help with energy.

Gaiam Cold Therapy Massage Roller ::: An essential for post-exercise care. One of my goals this year is to focus on fitness. I know like pretty much everyone’s goal is to lose weight year after year.. and I’m no exception. However what I really want more than to be “fit” is to feel healthy and stronger. I played sports my entire childhood even into high school and loved being active. While I don’t have the stamina I did 10+ years ago, I know I can do better than how I’ve been for the last few years. This will be more than appreciated after doing laps around the neighborhood with my dog or riding my indoor cycling bike for as long as my legs will allow.

Gaiam Restore Multi-Grip Stretch Strap ::: Sticking with the fitness goals, this is meant to help you sink deep into stretching and yoga poses while helping improve posture.

NeuroGum ::: Another really cool & unique find. Their website can explain this way better than I can put into words but these essentially contain brain activating vitamins (B12 & B6) that have been scientifically proven to boost cognition and focus. They claim to give you better energy 5x faster than any energy drink will without the sugar crash. I am all for this as some days it takes me 2 cups of caffeine infused chai to function. Any product that promises energy spikes my interest.

DailyGreatness Original 90 Day Journal ::: Something I use to hold myself accountable when trying to do better is writing things down! Last year when I started to change my habits and exercise more I wrote down my daily weight and foods I ate and how much exercise I completed. It helped. A lot. I will totally be putting this to use again and look forward to tracking the progress I make. This also will help guide you to form great daily habits by visualization, setting intentions and self awareness questions.

In addition to the products mentioned above, each box contains BroglieBox’s Piece of Mind Magazine containing articles from doctors, mental health experts, and how to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

I am really into this subscription box and think a lot of people would benefit from it. Whether you need to de-stress and re-center or need a little push to enhance your self-care routine, this box has you covered.


Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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